What should I wear?
For some gentlemen outfit suggestions, you can look Here. Do keep to light color outfit, generally I would say White or pastel Colors.
Try to avoid strong colors like Red, Black, Green and Strips. Bring two to three outfits.

Are props provided?
Nope, all these would be your own’s.

Is Hairdo&Makeup Provided?
Nope, Hairdo&Makeup is not included in the package, we do what we do best and that’s Photography!
However, we do work with a professional MakeupArtist. It would be $80/pax.
Hair&Makeup would be done before the shoot in-house at MakeUpArtist, Crystal’s place. (Jurong East)
Top up additional $50 for session to be done at the comfort of your own place.

Is travelling time included in the shooting time as well?
Yes, but so long you plan the route well, we would be able to very a smooth and good shoot.

What if it rains during (or even before) the shoot?
If it rains half way through the shoot, we can always go to ‘indoor’ places.

Some examples are Changi Airport, ClarkQuay, Club Street etc.
If it’s already raining before the shoot, we can either postpone the shoot to a later timing or date (depends on my availability), or as mentioned, head over to Indoor places with shelters! =)

How long do you take to return the photos?
I would need two weeks to process and return the Selected Images (DVD, soft copies).

What time is the shoot going to be?
Typically, my timing are either 8am-11am OR 4pm-7pm.

Morning Slot preferred cause of better lights, cooler, less crowds.

What should I bring for the shoot (on the day itself)?

(This is by all means not a complete list nor is it a must. Just suggestions)

–         Tissues (this is very important.)
–         Facial blotter / wet tissues
–         Light makeup (for touching up)
–         Bobby Pins (to pin back that annoying flyaway hair)
–         Water for drinking (double up as water for washing hands as well)
–         Comfy Shoes (as awesome as you might look in that 3inch killer heels, it WILL start hurting after a while, Have a back up shoes to “fall back”)
–         Insect repellants (especially if you are going to ‘commando- mosquito’ infested places like forest area / parks)

You might also like to prepare the followings to make the shooting more fun:

–         Extra set of clothing (So you might have a different feel in different shoots/venue)
–         Props such as Balloons, umbrella, anything vintage (think: vintage cameras/bags/books etc) the list goes on. Get creative here.

Even food like ice-creams/ doughnuts/ jellybeans/ gummybears make great props. And you get to EAT them after everything. How convenient. Haha.



Where shall we shoot at? (include list of good places to shoot)

This depends very much on the feel and mood you want for your pictures. But since Oh, Dear! Photography is all about happy, natural Vintage shoots, here are a few places you can consider: (not in list of preference)

– Singapore National Museum (The Architecture is beautiful here, plus its aircon!)
– City Hall Area (Lots of vintage looking buildings around.)
– Arab Street (For the rusty alley)
– Wassex Estate (beautiful vintage village with Black&White houses.
– Sunset Way Railway Track
– ClubStreet
– Neil Road (The shop houses are really romantic here)
– CHIJMES (No intros needed for this beautiful Singapore landmark I guess)
– Raffles Hotel (The shopping areas there are oh-so-glam-vintage!)
– Hort Park Meadow (The colors here are beautiful! Think Golden Sunset rays and mist)
– Botanic Garden (another beautiful park with lush greens)
– Fort Canning Park

– Chinese Garden (Don’t think of these place as cheesy, it actually have a few rather good spots)
– Jurong BirdPark (Lushy Green plus colourful birds. Whats there not to love?)

– Shenton way

And the list goes on! You might also consider places which hold special meaning to you and your fiancé/fiancée. Think places like where you watched your first movie, where you had your first kiss, where you proposed. Makes the shoot so much more special and memorable!


My fiancé/fiancée and me are camera-shy. Will we still look good on photos?

Relax.. At Oh, Dear! Photography, we celebrate real love, real emotions and natural smiles. Everybody looks good when they are engaged and in love. So don’t worry too much and enjoy the shoot, we promised there won’t be stiff awkward puff-out-the-chest poses…

Afterall, Engagement Shoot is about preserving that beautiful memory you have.

Have fun!


What happens if I want to change my gown outdoor?
Of the many shoots I went before, the bride usually change in the toilet. Its by far easier then changing in a car cause some gowns might be very bulky. And, Hey! I am here to help, I am a female after all and if you’re not too shy, I wont mind zipping up that gown for you.

But if you are at a place without toilets (E.g. a Forest) changing in the car is necessary then.

Else you can simply change your gown at the first location you went to before heading to the second location.


What props should I bring to make my shoot more personalized?

I had complied a list with some photos. CLICK HERE!

Each and every couple are very different, so some of the more common things I will advice bringing along will be

–         Engagement Ring (very important to show off that bling. Haha)
–         Gifts from each other (Common ones are Love Letters, Teddy Bears, dried flowers etc etc)
–         Food (Did you know food actually make very colourful props? Think: Apples, Cupcakes, Coke, IceCreams, pizzas etc. Best is you get to eat them!)

And here are some random props I feel will bring much life to a shoot.Balloons, pinwheels, bicycles, Bubbles, books, pets, umbrella, kites, Confettis, softtoy, chair, tables etc etc.


© Copyright Oh, Dear! Photography 2010 – 2013



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