Our Luxurious Album

In this new-age of technology, photos are being stored in computers and shared on facebook easily. The good o’photoalbums has taken a backseat with people thinking its redundant, waste of space and collect dust. But the album is a Thing! Of course it would be dusty, its meant to be! Now I dunno about you, but I certainly cant imagine myself running my finger down a computer screen while looking at my wedding photos. I can do that with an album, there’s something magical with a real album. Every crease, every fold means Something.

Here at OhDear, we offer a coffeetable-album that would last you for Generations. Afterall, what’s after that BigDay or photoshoot, are priceless memories imprint on photos right?

Our coffeetable-Album are 16″ x 11″, 20pages.
They are handcrafted individually  and lovingly, made to last. So take a glance below to know more about our albums.

– 15″ x 11″
– Beautiful timeless Black Leather Cover with debossed photo of your choice
– 20 pages (max of 30pages)
– Thick Pages made to last. Each page is roughly 3mm thick.
– Comes in individual silk-bounded presentation Box and dustbag
– High quality superb print. Semi-Gloss for that Luxurious Look and Feel







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