Theme Shoots

Hi Sweetheart ! – 海派甜心 Inspired Engagement

Have you watched  , 海派甜心 before? It’s a Taiwanese Drama starring Show Lou and Rainie Yang broadcasted earlier this year. It’s an extremely adorable, not to mention funny and romantic show about how Dalang (a certifiable dork who comes from a wealthy family) and BaoZhu (who’s an eccentric and friendless punk) falling in love..

screenshoot from <Hi My Sweetheart>(Screenshoot from show – 海派甜心, Hi My Sweetheart. Image from

Of course there’s more than just a love story to it, but you would have to catch the show to know more!

When Celine and Shamus wanted to do this as the theme for their shoot, I was super-duper excited.
It’s a whole bundle of fun, not to mention super attention-grabbing! Why, we were shooting at the bustop when this excited bunch of teenager-girls stopped and started snapping pictures of them.
Celine and Shamus were sporting enough to do every silly thing I asked them to. Aww.

Have I gushed enough? Okay, here’re some of my favourites.
I hope you guys like the pictures as much as I do..

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this really happened! We were shooting halfway when he announced he need to use the washroom.. so we waited. and waited. and waited…..

and finally, as an Exclusive-Behind-the-Scene…

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** Updates – Some FAQs **
I welcome all theme shoots, the sky is the limit so be creative!
And yes, props and outfits are your own.
Lastly, of course there are no ‘Extra Cost’ for Creative Theme-shoots or Concept-Shoots.

an ” Up! ” Movie inspired Engagement Shoot

” Up ” is an utterly adorable (not to mention extremely heartwarming) Disney-Pixar’s movie about Carl and Ellie meeting when they were kids, falling in love and getting married. They are really simplicity at its best – picnics at their favorite Park, grape sodas, reading books in their favorite comfy couches and saving their pennies for Paradise Fall. A place where they dream to build a house at and have great adventures, since childhood.

“When I get big, I’m going where he’s going,
South America. It’s like America, but south.”

Well, of course there are more to the movie “ Up ” then these,
but you would have to catch it yourself. =D

Michael and Michelle wanted a Up inspired Engagement shoot partly cause this is their favorite movie but also because they can’t wait to embrace marriage life like Carl and Ellie’s.. Embracing life’s simple pleasures.
And of course, I really couldn’t had pick any other movie (better) to represent them.
Michael is quiet and shy like Carl and Michelle is just like Ellie.. Sweet and chatty. =D

Enjoy the pictures people.. ♥♥

Up up and Away!

Have you watched the movie ” Up “ from Disney Pixar? Its one of my very favourite and I swear every single time I watch it, I would have this heartwarming fuzzy feeling coupled with this desire to cuddle my husband VERY tightly and tell him ‘I love you.’

Up is a very touching movie,about the simple things in life. Featuring an extremely sweet couple falling in love, doing simple things together and growing old together. Of course there’s more to the movie.. But that’s for another post.

For now, here’s a Teaser for what’s to come next..

– “Promise? Cross your heart!”