Nicole zfen – Treasure

This is the first time I tried shooting solo female shoots, and I gonna say, I LOVE it.

I love the tranquility and peaceful feel of these set of picture.. It was a pleasant time spent shooting Nicole one sunny evening. Thank you..

to run around the meadow happily

Your sister is your first friend in life. Even if you don’t get together/talk as much as you could, she’ll always remain your best friend. Your sister will hold your hand for a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime. And I am so glad i have 1.

I used to quarrel and fight with her a lot but things has since been lots better after me moving out. but yes, we do still bicker frequently enough but I guess it’s for fun sake! heh.
and here’s a shoot to celebrate Sisters, Youth and Sunshine. done together with my cousin-Geraldine. it was an impromptu shoot  but still fun enough.

(also, doesnt this meadow looks amazing? My first time shooting there. Fab place!)

p/s. Do contact us if you would like to have a session with your sis!

Girl behind the Camera. Rainy.

Heh. So recently been a hell of a good time. what with all the crazy shootings, back to back. but im really very disapointed.. With. The. Weather!!

I had lost count on the number of times it rain on me whenever im so hyped up on doing a shoot!

Be it one with Theme (a Sex and the City shoot!) or one with an awesome vintage Morris!!!

Also, May had been maddess with a shoot with Mommy, where we remember and celebrate MotherDays. I have got lovely babies with their pretty Moms, grownup Kids like myself with their Mothers.. it was heart-warming and fun.

I would be traveling to korean midJune with half of my family clan (a whooping 25 of us!) to take a break, you know.. eat some kimchi and maybe get a double eyelid while i’m at it. *chuckles* So meanwhile, updates would be a tad slow here cause I have another round of back-to-back shoots coming up real soon!!


an interview

a while back, someone contacted me for an interview (which was to be featured in a Book)..
here are some of the questions that were posted.. I figured it would be worth a read, since its all typed out! ;P

1/ When did you start Oh, Dear! Photography?
I started OhDear in March2010, afew months after my own wedding.

2/ What is the story behind the beginning of Oh, Dear! Photography?
Well, I love photography and when I got married in 2009, I had 7 engagement shoots (one was even underwater!). So after I “settled down”, I started missing styling shoots.

I really love Vintage styled photography cause I find it very different from whats usually being offered here. Hence OhDear was born. Offering happy and Natural looking vintage-styled shoots. 😉

3/ We would expect it to be tough juggling a day job and what you do with Oh, Dear! Photography! Tell us about some of your greatest challenges and what keeps you going on.
Quite! I work almost every day in fact, when I knock off from work, I am either hanging out with The Husband (yep that’s his surname, im MrsThe. Haha) or else I am editing photos. Oh I might be sleeping.
My greatest challenges would be to deliver the photos on time within the promised timeframe of 2weeks I guess. (I had never missed a deadline before. Choy!) ‘Cause I know brides are always very “gan chiong” about seeing their photos.. So I try not to drag…
What keeps me going? The cheesy answer would be ‘The LOVE from my Husband!’ haha. Nay its also the appreciation I get from my couples. Some of them would sms/email me telling me how they love the photos. I received gifts from some of my couples too. Like print out photos, handmade cards, chocolates etc. All these shows that my hardwork are worth it cause they had made people happy! =D

4/ On the other hand, what are some of the greatest satisfactions from your job as a wedding photographer?
When my couples sms/email me telling me about how they love the outcomes. When they post their photos on Facebooks and people were saying how great it is. Yes yes, very ego-stroking. Haha but at least I know people are appreciating my effort and work!

5/ What do you think sets Oh, Dear! Photography apart from other wedding photography services out there?
Firstly, I am a female. That’s quite different already cause a lot are guys out there. Hmm I would say the ‘Feel’ of my photos. I tend to take more “LOL” and silly-cute photos that would be quite girly. Unlike the current tread of arty-looking photos (which are great! Just not my style)

6/ We are in love with the vintage touch that Oh, Dear! Photography specialises in! Is there a special reason for making vintage a focus?
Yes. I dunno about you guys, But I LOVE flipping through my parent’s old wedding album. I love the slight rusty smell of it, I love the warm yellowish tone of it. Most of all, I love the timeless feel of it.
That’s how weddings should be. Timeless.
I might be an old soul trapped in a 20 sometime body. Lets just say I like old stuffs.

Oh, I listen to the beatles a lot when im editing. Heh..

7/ What is the one thing/element that is consistent in all your pictures?
HAPPINESS! Laughters! And natural lightings.

8/ Please tell us how many satisfied couples you’ve had over the years!
Ahh, that would be impossible to count. HAHA!

Random Facts?
I am Melody The Lin. (because The is my husband’s family name)

I am 26years old this year.

I love chocolates.
I love my two hamsters.
I don’t believe in big ass cameras and flashes.
I hate bean sprout.
I listen to The Beatles.
I am currently listening to StandByMe cause this shoot Im editing right now reminds me of this song.


2010 was a good year for me.

I got married during Dec’09, set up OhDear early 2010. Since then, it had been one great big adventure for me.

I thanks each and everyone of you. Here are some snaps taken over the year. Of course there are load more. thousands more actually.
Each and every is so special to me.
year2010 had brought me to Taiwan, to Macau for shoots.
year2010 had brought me new friends.
year2010 allowed me to witness lovely families and witness awesome ROMs.

Now enough yakking.. I hereby wish everyone of you good luck, good health and a GREAT 2011! See you guys next year. *big love and hug*

Ten Ten Ten Ten – Double Happiness!

Let’s sing-along now “Ten ten ten ten, ten ten ten ten” (To the tune of Here Comes The Bride)

Yeah! I am singing talking about yesterday 10.10.10, where there were a total of 830 couples tying the knot. Sweet!

Here’s a gorgeous bride I shot yesterday, during her ROM…

In case you are wondering, yes its Summer. I shot her Engagement shoots.
You might see it Here and Here.
(More pictures of their lovely wedding coming along the way!)

Oh also, 10.10.10 ‘s a good day because it’s my loving husband’s 29th Birthday and here I’m writing something dedicated to him.. he’s so sweet and annoying at the same time, he fluff my pillows for me at night, tuck me in to bed and listen to my endless rants and complains. although he leave dirty shirts on the floor sometimes, leave the toilet seat up sometimes or annoy me by doing the chicken-little-dance a lot of times.. I love him all the same.
i love how he is shy, how he is daring, how kind he is and how strong he is.
Thank you my love, thank you for all that and for providing me a strong shoulder to lean on (and to punch on when im angry!)

Vouchers for you?

(Are you looking for the perfect gift? Then yes! This vouchers are The Gift to give to your love ones.. blah blah blah)

Nope, Im not going to start by yakking off these cheesy lines. Oh or did I just.

I been so lazy and busy (excuse excuse!) that I been meaning to post up pictures of the hardcover Coffeetable albums I do offer and, as title, the vouchers I do offer. So people know, you see.

Well, they work like this.
If you have friends who are engaged, or parents celebrating their silver/gold anniversaries, or you simply wanna pamper someone with a good vintage shoot (ahem!)..
you can purchase Vouchers (see below for a sample) from Oh,Dear!

They are redeemable for 1 photoshoot..

Voucher would be sent to you via email and you can either Print them out and Gift them, or you can SaveTheEarth by simply emailing to your friend. Viola~


I built a camera~

– the Recesky Twin lens Reflex Camera

So a few weeks ago, I had this Brilliant idea to build a camera from scratch~ I happily bought this set and eagerly start fixing it.

I got stuck during the shutter part and nearly stomped it to TINY bits. (haha!) Luckily Alvin helped fix up the tiny buggers for me and heyhey! The camera is finally done up!!

Such a great sense of awesome…ness. the camera really feel like Mine (like my Kid or something. I know, crazy), cause I fixed it up from tiny parts. Woohoo.  ♥

It comes in a pretty box like this..

The instructions.. Yes I can read Chinese.. and nope it wasnt all that diffcult.

the neatly tucked up parts…

fixing them.. the back cover, the middle part with shutter and the right side..

The part on the right is where the Rewind button (of the film) is.

and here’s the final product in its full glory! ♥!

(before you think im such smartypants, its a Film camera. not a digital one.. When I told my sister I made a camera. She thought I Made a DSLR or something. haha! =P)

Does size Matters (part2)

A few months ago, I wrote Does size Matters? .

Not surprisingly, it annoyed some big-ass-camera-lovers but there are some people who agree with me as well (judging by how some people are quoting some piece of that article on their websites/blogs)

Recently, I came across THIS ARTICLE , where the photographer, Lee Morris shot a stunning full-Fashion-Shoot using.. his iphone camera. Im not too sure how many mega-pixel an Iphone supports, but from my screen, the photos certainly look gorgeous.
Of course it helped that he had a whole team of talented people supporting him.

But the point is, the shoot was shot on an iphone! What does this prove? (Yes.. apart from iphones bring wonderful must-have phones blah blah blah)
But it also proves that Size doesn’t matter.

I particularly LOVE this quote of Lee Morris’s.
He wrote “When your clients view your work they aren’t thinking, “Wow I don’t see any chromatic aberration in this image!” They are simply thinking, “Wow, I can’t put my finger on it, but this looks great!”

I remember when I was learning how to communicate with Couples and getting them to pose, I practised on my Sister and her Boyfriend. I brought them out to shoot and during that time, I didn’t had any SLRs or semi-SLRs. I was using my 4yrs old trusty 5.2mega pixel baby-blue compact camera.

So we went around the city area, with me getting them to pose and all.

And this photographer with a super HUGE camera walked pass me, with an unhappy-looking (probably tired) couple trailing behind him.
I could NEVAR forget that look and smirk on his face as he glanced over at me and my tiny 5.2mega pixel camera, trying to pose my sister.

I could practically read his mind! “Ha! You shoot with that Junk?”

Well, I went home, processed those photos (of my sister and her boyfriend) and posted it up.
People like it. That simple. =D

Me think end of the day, it’s the process and the outcome that makes the Couple (or clients) happy and not how huge / powerful your camera is. Afterall..

even the most expensive camera in the world is capable of taking bad pictures.
– quoted from here

(nothing, im not using my 5.2mega pixel baby-blue compact anymore, don’t worry. I am just glad established photographers do seem to have the same mindset too) 😀

Just some thoughts

My Couples and friends are constantly asking me “Arent you tired? Shooting weekends after weekends” and my answer is always No. Its true.
When you are doing something you truly enjoy (think: on a holiday) you’r seldom tired are you? But when you are doing something you hate (think: studying for exams or working) you feel sluggishly tired most of the time.

Now, I feel I’m on a holiday mostly.
Maybe physically I might be a bit tired, but mentally I am always awake and happy.

I love Oh,Dear! not only cause its mine but cause of what I am doing.
I am shooting and then handcrafting each images and whats best is that, end of the day,
my couples like my work. Some write in (my husband calls them fan-mail, haha), some sms me and it always brighten up my day just reading these compliments. =D

Most of my images are more to the vintage style and that’s because I feel a Wedding/ Engagement shoot is supposed to be Timeless and Classic.

vin•tage (vĭn’tĭj)
– Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.

I grew up flipping through my Parent’s wedding album and laughing at the Uncle’s tight bell-bottom and Auntie’s PoofyHairDo.
But I love that album, well mainly cause its my Mum & Dad but also because its so full of happiness and its Classic. Most importantly, real. Not posed.

And that’s how I want each and every one of my images to be.
To be timeless and happy. To bring joy and laughters each time the album is flipped open…

And because every post is better with a picture, here’s one from last weekend.

A personal (huge) Milestone

One week ago, I would be dancing around, throwing Confettis in the air and baking yellow cupcakes if I have got 100 hits on this website.

And yesterday alone, we hit 3793.  A huge milestone for me.

I can barely get my head around this figure. I should so go buy 4D or something. Heh.
Special thansk to all you lovely ladies out there who like my work. ❤

I would be shooting 2 couples this weekend, so check back for more.

Meanwhile, more support at Oh, Dear! Facebook page!


Oh, Dear! on Facebook

Hi all!

I had setted up a small Fan Page over at Facebook. Click here to support and join.

I will be updating Oh, Dear! Fanpage (and here, of course), only different is, facebook allows bigger photos resolution for better viewing pleasures! =)

So do check out Oh, Dear! ‘s Fan Page!
(I am busy editing the lovely shoots I took over the weekend, will share them the moment they are ‘outta the oven’ !)


Does size Matters?

Just the other day, on my way to a shoot and was waiting for lift at the lobby.
San-Gu *friction name of course* came by..

San-Gu: Ah Mui, Wah you’r a photographer right? Show me your camera! (god knows how she knows what I am doing)
Me took out my camera and showed her

San-Gu *wrinkle up her nose* : Not very professional leh. My ah boy hor, have a camera THIS BIG. You sure you can take picture anot?
Me *gave her a smile* : Yes of course I do.


Well, this incident starts me thinking. Do people judge photographers by their cameras and not their working attiude and what they can achieve? Apparently, for some (like San-Gu here) yeah. To them, huge heavy cameras = professionals. smaller camera (even if its a SLR) = non-professionals.

This is really a mindset the public gonna reset.

Take a stroll down Orchard and you will see so so so many DSLRs slung around the neck of the youngsters. Does that makes them professional-photographers? Hardly. At least not all of them.

My point is, anyone with money to burn, Can buy a DSLR. But not everyone takes good pictures or have the attitude to.

Similarly, a Banker can buy a MacPro and install Photoshop. But does that makes him a Designer? Not really.
A property-agent can buy a $5000 guitar, but does that makes him a professional guitarist? Not necessary.
(well, unless they have such training of course)

So,  anyone with the cash can buy such gadgets, but do they necessarily have the skill/dedications?
(Of course I am not indicating that I have, its just a thought I have after my encounter with San-Gu)

Also, does a bigger camera means better photos? Picture quality, yes maybe. But how about the mood / direction/ colour etc etc etc of a photo? All these nitty gritty factors make or break a good picture.

Now, that’s a huge camera. Probably have troubles with mobility.. =P

Having said these much, I guess in summary all I have to say is, decide if you would engage a Photographer based on his work and style rather then how huge his camera is. (now, you won’t be wanting to engage those guys in that picture would you? *grin)

So, have a great Good Friday everyone. And thanks for reading my loong rant.


Styling a Photo

Today, I will be sharing a bit on how I normally style (meaning photoshop, but thats such a boring term) my photos. Sure, the venue is important, but so is styling the photo. It sets the mood, brings out the best of the model and even correct some mistakes (such as blemishes, fly away hair etc)

So here’s a shoot that was taken last week. Totally raw from camera.

So usually I would adjust my Levels, I like my images bright and cheery and just a tiny bit overexposed. After all, most vintage photos are quite fade arent they?

There you go~ After the image has been properly Leveled to my liking. Oh I added a tint of yellow as well.

Next up, I crop the picture tighter. What? I heard you asking why didnt I take a closer shoot then? Usually I prefer to shoot as much as scene possible and in my ‘darkroom’ (and thats photoshop), I can choose to give it a tighter crop or leave it as it is.
And in this case, our emphasis would be our lovely model’s look of happiness. Not so much of her red gown (which can be done away with). Make sense?

After a tigher crop, adjustment of levels. We are only half-way done.

Now, they say Eyes are the Window of Soul. Sounds clinque huh? But its true. So in this picture, we need to highlight the eyes, brighten it up, bring out the catchlight blah blah blah. Oh! Most importantly, remove some of those eyebags.

I touched up on some minor blemishes, lighten the eyebags. Nope I didnt completely remove them, ’cause by doing so, she wont look like herself anymore. Anyway, who have No Eyebags?

So now that we had properly done all the necessary touch-ups, its the fun part now!
Styling the image. Now we want a vintage-inspired look, so we have to be generous on the yellowish tint. (I am not doing a tutorial here, just showing how I normally work. So pardon for the lack of step by step instructions okay~)

Ooh, we are getting close. I added some reddness as well. Warm-Glow!

So depending on how you wanna ‘design’ this shoot, you can add lens flare to it, add some old-parchment texture to it, you can leave it as it is. The possiblity is endless. For this, I would add some rainbow-flare to it. (I dunno whats the proper name, but I discovered this way of adding a flare not so long ago. And I like the effect alot)

There you go. Some slight rainbow-flare effects.. Oh I also burned the edges abit. Vintage-photos normally have white-ish borders if you look closely enough..

And here is a Side by Side comparison.

I hope you like what you are seeing..?

There are thousands, endless actually, ways to go about styling a picture and this is one of the many many ways that I like it to be. Not saying its the pefect look, nor is this the only look you will be getting.. =)

If there’s anything just drop me a text. Hope you enjoyed this post! I would be away at KL this coming weekend, so no shooting. =( But I will take lots of KL photos to share!
Meanwhile, have fun!


Just a short Note..

before I run out..
to say how happy I am that I had started this service not long and my April’s saturdays are already all fully booked!
So looking forward to all the shootings..

Meanwhile, I am working on a post about how I postprocess (meaning photoshop) my shoots.
So stay tune for tomorrow!