Other Shoots

Nicole zfen – Treasure

This is the first time I tried shooting solo female shoots, and I gonna say, I LOVE it.

I love the tranquility and peaceful feel of these set of picture.. It was a pleasant time spent shooting Nicole one sunny evening. Thank you..

vintage camera skin for your iphone?

You would soon realize your iphone is much more then just a phone. One minute you’re ordering pizza with it, next moment you’re bashing green pigs with it and next you’re recording the precious moments in life.

So here are a few very unique skins for your iphone.. (I only have 2 of each)
If you’re keen, email me ohdearphoto@gmail.com and I would get back to you soon!

Limited Quantity!

** Do note, these are NOT iphone case, they are Skin.. (aka Stickers) **

If you’re keen, leave a comment HERE and I would get back to you soon!

Friendship is beautiful..

friendship is a beautiful delicate thing.. Specially when its 22years old..
See if you agree?

(Pictures taken at one of the last remaining sand-playgrounds in Singapore.
Brings back so much childhood memories doesn’t it? =) )

ZiYi ZiLing – Sisters Shoot

I did a Sisters Shoot with ZiYi and ZiLing last weekend and it was fun! Not too hot, ’cause it was 8am in the cool morning. Gorgeous Sun + lively pair of sister + darling-est doggie + Bubbles =  a wonderful morning! ♥

We proceeded on to Cityhall area for some of those beautiful vintage architectures. Enjoy!

Thank you ZiYi and ZiLing for the wonderful morning! ♥ ♥

A sneak peek of Sunday’s shoot

Thanks Peggy for this picture!Here’s a sneak peek of today’s (morning) shoot! I had great fun…!

Check back soonish!