Films and Negatives

I built a camera~

– the Recesky Twin lens Reflex Camera

So a few weeks ago, I had this Brilliant idea to build a camera from scratch~ I happily bought this set and eagerly start fixing it.

I got stuck during the shutter part and nearly stomped it to TINY bits. (haha!) Luckily Alvin helped fix up the tiny buggers for me and heyhey! The camera is finally done up!!

Such a great sense of awesome…ness. the camera really feel like Mine (like my Kid or something. I know, crazy), cause I fixed it up from tiny parts. Woohoo.  ♥

It comes in a pretty box like this..

The instructions.. Yes I can read Chinese.. and nope it wasnt all that diffcult.

the neatly tucked up parts…

fixing them.. the back cover, the middle part with shutter and the right side..

The part on the right is where the Rewind button (of the film) is.

and here’s the final product in its full glory! ♥!

(before you think im such smartypants, its a Film camera. not a digital one.. When I told my sister I made a camera. She thought I Made a DSLR or something. haha! =P)

Jennifer and Lawrence’s nostalgic series

Graduating is one of the biggest Event in One’s life. After all, it marks the start of another chapter, one of adulthood, one of stepping into the working society.
So here’s Jennifer and Lawrence’s shoot in their graduation gowns.

Followed by a very nostalgic series at the soon-to-be-history KTM.

to See more..


The good O’ 35mm

Ahh, the Goodness of the good O’ 35mm… The wonderful imperfectness of a film is awesome. Remember how we gaze upon our moms and grams and pops O photos. Those are all memories imprint on films and negatives.
What more awesome way to be vintage that go ALL the way back?

Why shoot with digital? Why crystal-clear images?

…There are Goodness in film. Let’s rediscover it!
Do note I didnt edit them, film noise and all. LOVE EM!

(Email me for more details ♥)

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