Family Shoots

The Happy Ng Family! ‘s Daniel + Agnes = Darius

Daniel is my uni-classmate and time really do flies. It seem only not long ago we were in the same class, and really recent when I attended Daniel & Agnes’s wedding.. and now, his Son Darius is a year old plus!

We spent the morning together at Botanic Garden running and picking flowers. so enjoy the pictures!

[Maternity] Keith & Carolyn – Bun in the Oven

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in any field, since the payment is pure love. ♥”

At OhDear, we celebrate LOVE, LIFE & KISS. So in case you’re wondering, nope we don’t just shoot Engagements and Preweddings, we do Maternity Shoots too. Although these are slightly shorter shoots, cause Im concern about Mums-To-Be being tired out~ So here’s Keith & Carolyn’s session. They are going to be Parents very soon! Congrats!!!

to run around the meadow happily

Your sister is your first friend in life. Even if you don’t get together/talk as much as you could, she’ll always remain your best friend. Your sister will hold your hand for a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime. And I am so glad i have 1.

I used to quarrel and fight with her a lot but things has since been lots better after me moving out. but yes, we do still bicker frequently enough but I guess it’s for fun sake! heh.
and here’s a shoot to celebrate Sisters, Youth and Sunshine. done together with my cousin-Geraldine. it was an impromptu shoot  but still fun enough.

(also, doesnt this meadow looks amazing? My first time shooting there. Fab place!)

p/s. Do contact us if you would like to have a session with your sis!

[Cinemagraph] – Looking through the Years

what with the trillion GBs of hardisk of today, film and photos (real hardcopy photos) are being gradually forgotten and forsaken.
People are storing their photos and memories inside discs and seeing them through the screen. Nothing wrong.

But the old-soul me still VERY much prefers a real photo. One which I can hold in my hands, one which I can touch and one which my tears can stain.. I am not good with words so I can’t express exactly WHY I would take a 4R size photo over a 5000px softcopy image anyday.
But here’s Chelsey and Adrian, looking through the album. One which they can hold, flip and touch..


Janice & Ryan & Reyna – Mommy we <3 u!

Smiles and Laughers from a happy kid is the one most beautiful thing in the world.
Time fly pass without us noticing much most of the time..
Kiddos grow up too fast!

I had a morning day-out with Janice (who’s one pretty mama, why she look like their Jiejie instead of Mummy!!), pretty Reyna and cheeky Ryan..
Usually during a shoot with Kids, I tend to move things along faster (shoot at a faster pace) cause kiddos tend to lost patient fast and when that do, well the photos wont turn out pretty~

Sometimes, kids say the darnest thing!
So i was like “let’s go and see the Swans!”
Ryan was like “what are Swans”
I was stunned for a moment wondering how to reply .. finally I said “erm. Pretty ducks” (I know I know, bad answer. but i didnt know how to reply!)

and there was the moment when Ryan was happily munching on his chips when suddenly he turned and said “I think I swallowed my tooth”
(He really did).. and he was so worried!
THOSE are such Precious Moments~

(I know im typing very randomly, pardon me.. I shall stop yapping and present the very-happy photos!)

The Lovelies

We celebrate, we cry and we laugh.. Here’s a Sista Shoot to commemorate the Importance of Friendship..

It was so fun shooting them cause it felt more like a Girls Day out rather then “working”.. Specially the part where I made them walk across the railway track and they were shouting “please call 190012345 to support!”

It was all I could do to hold the camera steady cause I was laugh so hard!

THANKS you Lovelies! ♥

Zandy + Jonathan + Shan – We are Family!

“To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time.”

a Shoot with Mummy!

“ Mothers’ Day is just round the corner..
Let’s go out and pick some Daisies! ”

Send your Love to to book a slot!

Szehui & Luke – You are my SunShine

I have one beautiful shoot to share today. I think what makes a good photo is a genuine happy and relaxed smile, lots of laughters and some perfect sunrays won’t hurt. I think SzeHui and Luke totally nailed it. I love how perfectly at ease they are infront of the camera. =D

We were blessed with gorgeous golden morning sunlight that day and man, it was Beautiful.

Szehui also did her Family shoot with me, so we went for a Picnic at Botanic Garden. Well a picture speaks 1000 words..
So here’s “14000 words” for you peeps..


Chris + Cherish + Freya – F.A.M.I.L.Y.

When I was younger, I didn’t understand the importance of Family. I would choose hanging out with friends rather than my mum and dad anyday anytime. Now as I grew older (Noo!!), I begun to realize and understand and love hanging out with my family. Sunday is my Family day and I look forward to it the whole week long! =D

My dad is the coolest guy in my world and I love my Mum (well maybe not when she is nagging me).. Oh and my kidda-pesky younger sis. =P

Did you know why’s Family spelled this way? Because it stands for Father And Mother I Love You.  (Bit tacky I know, but its kidda cool right!)

So, Meet Chris, Cherish and Freya.. a lovely lovely family I shot over the weekend. It was a typical Saturday morning for them.. Hanging out at the Park, see-sawing and chatting.. followed by a macBreakfast nearby. It’s this kind of simplicity that makes life beautiful.. not all the cash in the world nor all the expensive cars. No.

Its the Love from  Mom and Dad.

The Huda Family

So I did a Family Protrait for the lovely Hudas awhile back, and they are Too. Cute. Nadine is so dainty that she fits into the vintage suitcase and basket that was brought along for the shoot! *love!*

Here are some from that Delightful Morning..  =)

Coffee Table Album

When I grow up..

I want to be a Mummy.
I want to be a Bride.
I want to be a Doctor.

Did a Sisters Shoot with this 3 lovely ladies and as you might had guessed, yup that’s the stages each of them is in now.
“Childhood Games” was the theme for that day and they went all out!

They brought along Uno, fiveStones, bubbles, chalks (for hopscotch!) and even paper-cut-out-dolls for the shoot.
Oh and all those little tidbits that we ate when we were kids.. Such fun!!

I wish Rae a blissful marriage.
I wish Huifen a smooth delivery and of course a healthy chubby baby.
I wish Angela high marks for all her tests and exams!

And of course, I wish you guys like the photos. =D

Friendship is beautiful..

friendship is a beautiful delicate thing.. Specially when its 22years old..
See if you agree?

(Pictures taken at one of the last remaining sand-playgrounds in Singapore.
Brings back so much childhood memories doesn’t it? =) )

The Toh Family

 Family are like chocolate.. warm and sweet.
Right after this shoot, I can’t help but going Home and giving my Mom a big O’hug. and of course, little Javelle is so sweet !

Totally makes me feel like being a Mom too.
Anyhows, enjoy this heartwarming series. =)

– “Oh the hearts she’s going to slay by merely walking into a room.. She’s a heartbreaker she is..”