[Cinemagraph] – Looking through the Years

what with the trillion GBs of hardisk of today, film and photos (real hardcopy photos) are being gradually forgotten and forsaken.
People are storing their photos and memories inside discs and seeing them through the screen. Nothing wrong.

But the old-soul me still VERY much prefers a real photo. One which I can hold in my hands, one which I can touch and one which my tears can stain.. I am not good with words so I can’t express exactly WHY I would take a 4R size photo over a 5000px softcopy image anyday.
But here’s Chelsey and Adrian, looking through the album. One which they can hold, flip and touch..



[Cinemagraph] – Enjoying the lovely Sea Breeze

I am uber excited today cause im jetting off to Korea with the Family Clan and be back only on the 16thJune! Yeah to Kimchis!

so here’s a peek of Kailing and her Doggie Heidi taken this morning.. enjoy the breeze.. =)

[Cinemagraph] – The Girl who Blinked

Here’s a peek from today’s session.. of a young couple, meeting and falling in love in NTU..

[Cinemagraph] – Winston & Michell’s Maternity Sneak Peek

a year back, I shot Winston & Michell’s Engagement.. so I was thrilled when Michell contact me recently to engage me for their Maternity Shoot.
its one thing seeing your couples walking down the aisle, but it’s another happy serene feeling when your couples are going to be parents! ❤

Here’s a Sneak Peek of today’s Maternity Shoot.. More coming up real real soon!!