Bridal Shoot

Ten Ten Ten Ten – Double Happiness!

Let’s sing-along now “Ten ten ten ten, ten ten ten ten” (To the tune of Here Comes The Bride)

Yeah! I am singing talking about yesterday 10.10.10, where there were a total of 830 couples tying the knot. Sweet!

Here’s a gorgeous bride I shot yesterday, during her ROM…

In case you are wondering, yes its Summer. I shot her Engagement shoots.
You might see it Here and Here.
(More pictures of their lovely wedding coming along the way!)

Oh also, 10.10.10 ‘s a good day because it’s my loving husband’s 29th Birthday and here I’m writing something dedicated to him.. he’s so sweet and annoying at the same time, he fluff my pillows for me at night, tuck me in to bed and listen to my endless rants and complains. although he leave dirty shirts on the floor sometimes, leave the toilet seat up sometimes or annoy me by doing the chicken-little-dance a lot of times.. I love him all the same.
i love how he is shy, how he is daring, how kind he is and how strong he is.
Thank you my love, thank you for all that and for providing me a strong shoulder to lean on (and to punch on when im angry!)

Coffee Table Album

Vouchers for you?

(Are you looking for the perfect gift? Then yes! This vouchers are The Gift to give to your love ones.. blah blah blah)

Nope, Im not going to start by yakking off these cheesy lines. Oh or did I just.

I been so lazy and busy (excuse excuse!) that I been meaning to post up pictures of the hardcover Coffeetable albums I do offer and, as title, the vouchers I do offer. So people know, you see.

Well, they work like this.
If you have friends who are engaged, or parents celebrating their silver/gold anniversaries, or you simply wanna pamper someone with a good vintage shoot (ahem!)..
you can purchase Vouchers (see below for a sample) from Oh,Dear!

They are redeemable for 1 photoshoot..

Voucher would be sent to you via email and you can either Print them out and Gift them, or you can SaveTheEarth by simply emailing to your friend. Viola~


In the Mood for 2047

Bridal shoot is something very common in the states.. Mostly due to the fact that most US brides buy their own gowns and hence they want a shoot with their gown before it’s.. well squeezed into the back of the closet never to see the daylight again after the wedding. >_<

here’s a very moody Bridal Shoot we did with Serena.. Not our usual happy-in-sunshine series, but nonetheless we LOVE it. ♥
It was shot during the night with no flash or whatsoevers at Clubstreet (thats if you wanna ask) 😛

Thank you lovely Serena!

 > See more Here ! <

DIY bridal – Pearl & Crystal Bouquet + Boutonnieres

Here’s an instruction on how to DIY a Pearl & Crystal Bridal Bouquet (& Boutonnieres).
(I DIY-ed this pearl Bouquet for my wedding during dec09 and ‘wow’ alot of my guests. Hope its useful to the other brides-to-bes who might wanna try something different from the usual out-of-mill fresh flowers..)
What you will need:
– 10 packs of silver wiring (This really depends on how big you want your bouquet to be. I used up 8packs. Got mine from Chinatown GoldDragon)
– Handicraft Pearls (Again depends on how big you want your bouquet to be.)
– Handicraft Crystal Beads (This can be replaces with anything else you fancy. Say Diamontes or rhinestone works well too)
– White Silk Ribbons about 3cm thick (Thicker ribbons make it easier to wrap the stems of the bouquet)
– Charm (Optional, I used the Chinese Character ‘Xi’. but it can be anything, vintage rings, swans, more crystals. up to you.)

Step 1: Twist One pearl into One Wire (see drawing – Step1)

Step 2: Keep repeating step 1 untill you get desired size of bouquet.
Step 3: Bound all the wire+Pearls together (see drawing – Step2)

Step4: Tie all the wirings up with ribbon (I had approximately 200pearlwirings + -)
Its really easy to bunch them together to form this “round mushroom shape”.
What I did was to place them ALL together in a vase and hold them tightly together.
(The outter part would naturally bend down to form the round shape. Ahh Im bad in describing it, you have to Do it to understand what I meant)

I tied the whole bunch with rubber bands and string (to secure them you see) before going around the whole thing with a thick satin Ribbon.
As for the DIY Groom Boutonnieres
Its the same thing. Just snip off the wire to about 18cm and repeat Step1. This means that the boutonniere will be about 8cm. If you want a longer Boutonnieres, just snip off less of the wiring. Hope im making sense here.
Make about 12Pearl+Wiring and tie it up with ribbon
Trim the ends and Horray you are done!

(Updated: I’m really glad this DIY Crystal-Pearl Bridal Bouquet is such an inspiration to you brides-to-be out there.. Please do add photos of your completed bouquet Here at OhDear Fan Page! (I would LOVE to see!!) Maybe include some helpful tips to other Brides out there? ;D)