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Keith & Peggy – Decided on Forever.

There’s one of my ‘favouritest’ set (is there such a word?) of Prewedding. It was a pretty boiling HOT day but hey the sun was golden! I had such fun.

Well, the shoot would not be half as successful without the couple trusting me, and I think another half goes to the assistants.. they are like the unseen Heros of any shoots. Helping to fluff the gown, blow the bubbles and maybe even chasing away people who are blocking us. So a small tip to brides hoping to have a fun and easy prewedding or Engagement shoot, get one of your Bff or a sister along to help~ She can help to adjust any falling straps or hold the bouquet or just be there to help you feel at ease. =D (of course I help I will with the falling straps too. =P)

meanwhile, as usual, enjoy the pictures peep. =D

^ Tiny Detail tells a story too.. every petal, every smile and the Gown’ delicate patterns..

^ Beautiful Expressive Eyes.

^ This is my favourite-est-est photo in the whole series. I shall try my best to explain..

 I love how the whole background looks like a set from my childhood fairytale stories. No matter the age, I guess a girl still do cherish those precious tales. So yes, im not the least bit abash to say I feel this feels like a English Palace Garden, with our Princess and Prince ‘s Happily Ever After! =}

here’s something a little different from the usuals.. Sparkles Flying.. Quite literally!

And lastly, here’s me and the Couple.. Oh and the ‘Unseen Heros’ of the shoot, the assistants. =D Big Thanks..

Oh also, I had made a tiny behindTheScene video of this lovely shoot on my Facebook, You might be interested in seeing how ‘Bubbles are Made’. Click HERE!

Lyanna & Colin – rewinding & forwarding the TimeBar

I had the pleasure of shooting Colin & Lyana a while back.
I like to think of the shoot as rewinding the TimeBar because we had a shanghai theme where Lyanna don the most gorgeous QiPao. I think to carry out a QiPao, not only do you need a slender frame, there’s a certain feel to it too. Womanly? Graceful? Whatever magica it is, I think Lyanna brought it out very well. Colin is great too of course. Heh.

Forwarding the timebar, we went back to where the couple knew each other. NUS..
So here’s their very lovely and serene Engagement Shoot. Enjoy..

Welcoming Harriet to OhDear.. (new photographer!)

we are Welcoming Harriet to Oh, Dear!Photography! I am so thrilled to shout the good news. Harriet is a super sweet girl with a gift for photography, hence im really really happy she’s joining me. So now OhDear have more slots and you guys have a choice between 2 girl-photographer! Do send your Doves to our email to know more about the pricings for year2011 and year2012!

I started OhDear at 2009 and I would never had though that 1year plus down the road, another passionate photographer would join me.
Her style is quite similar to me (perfect!), all whimsical and magical, with that signature vintage flair of course. Im sure you peeps are drooling over these pictures as much as I am.

So once again, welcome Harriet..~

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some sneak previews from Wilson & Nara

I must had said this a couple of times, but do follow us on OhDear Facebook because i update there much much more frequently..

I cant believe 3/4 of 2011 had passed when I still feel that 2010 is the future.. What’s wrong with me. Trapped in a TimeWarp thats it.. anyway, a tiny “annoucement”, we are fully booked for whole of this year2011.. In fact, we had been fully booked and had closed bookings couple of months back..
we have yet to open bookings for next year, Im still finalizing some personal stuffs.. *exciting plans for me!*

I would be going to Bali this Nov for a prewedding shoot. yes im extremely excitied! meanwhile, here’s a beautiful shoot from last weekend.. Wilson & Nara..
These are just Sneak peeks, I have yet to finish the whole album. But Im excitied.. me think its gorgeous!! ;D!

Makeup by Susan Beauty

Kenneth & Jessie – Mickey <3 Minnie

Recently I been shooting alot at Botanic Garden and nope, to answer your questions, im not “sick of shooting there” as opp to what you might think! (alot of my couples ask me the same thing. hahaha) Greens are.. erm ever-green, classic! They would never look outdated so yup, that would be my answer.
Okay actually I would love shooting at green places if only singapore is not so hot. X_x

Anyway, my parents recently found me this new quaint little spot and I think its gorgeous for shoots. What do you think? 😉
And of course, Kenneth & Jessie sweeten the place alot. I though they look very sweet together.
and oh yes, it was extremely funny the way kenneth was carrying a bowl of biscuits and randomly feeding the fishes in the ponds as we were strolling through the garden. LOL.

so enjoy the pictures peep. 😉 and have a great week ahead!!










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Shuwen & YongHeng – not unlike a Painting..

Some couples are beautiful, some are serenely-loving and some are just pure cuteness. ShuWen & YongHeng ‘s in the Cute Department. we went to the beach, the forest and the tracks..

and Oh Yah, one word of advice to you lovely peeps, if you are thinking of having balloons for your shoot, yes Helium ones look pretty, but they are might troublesome. They last only say 10-12hours, so you would have to either get them very late the night before shoot, or very early before the shoot.. and, they always go insane during the shoot whenever there’s the slightest breeze.
So I would advice getting balloons on stick. Not only can you blow them up yourself (save some pennies!), they are easy to manage during a shoot. So yes, bear that in mind oh! =D!

meanwhile, enjoy the pictures and have a lovely weekend loves!

Felicia & James – A story of Bustops & Calculators Part1

Felicia and James are the last Couple I took to the now-history-KTM railway station.
Also, they are the first couple who used PokerCards as props. It was so funny because the KTM station was so crowded and we literally had to elbow our way around, stop people from snapping photos of “The Wedding Couple” and also throw pokerCards around.. =D

My couples always ask me what is the best time for shoots.. Well in my case, I would say Morning! As early as possible! Yes I know I know, it kills me to wake up at 6am too (shoot is 8am!) but the morning sun is really gorgeous.. and the greens are always dewy and shiny with morning dews.. Beautiful.

So anyway, enjoy this shoot peeps.

Gowns & Suits  by Michelle HuiMin (Bridal Veil)

Canny & Edric – Life is a Picnic

I always always try to make our shoots as personalised and as meaningful as possible. Recently, I had took to requesting small writeups from my couples.. so that I can know them more. Many of them share with me their story such as how they met, some funny incidents etc. Which I LOVE. I mean, its real-time, true-account love story, (not some unrealistic korean sappy drama).. so whats there not to like about?

So during Canny & Edric’s brainstorming session, we decided on the idea of ‘slowing down the busy pace of life, and enjoying each other’s company’.. after all, a wedding is more about pretty frocks isnt ? Its about the days after that One Big Day, the days spent with each other.. waking up annoying each other, enjoying tea/coffee with each other. =)

Here’s their Engagement, taken right in the middle of RafflesPlace, right on a monday morning. =D!

Sorry Im so busy

dear all peeps,

afew announcements.. We are currently fully booked for Shoots till Nov.. So earliest would have to be Dec2011.. We have yet to open up bookings for year2012 cause some exciting plans (at least for me) are along the way. 😉

and also, im sooo sorry for the lack of updates here. ’cause I had been so swamped recently.. Im back to shooting only on weekends (and hence the limited slots) and working fulltime.. so if you would like to look at more vintage-goodness, do follow us on Oh,Dear! Facebook. I do update there more frequently.

and just cause every post looks better with pictures, I have here with me two sneak peeks of a session from last saturday. ;D
Have a not-so-blue monday! xx00


to run around the meadow happily

Your sister is your first friend in life. Even if you don’t get together/talk as much as you could, she’ll always remain your best friend. Your sister will hold your hand for a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime. And I am so glad i have 1.

I used to quarrel and fight with her a lot but things has since been lots better after me moving out. but yes, we do still bicker frequently enough but I guess it’s for fun sake! heh.
and here’s a shoot to celebrate Sisters, Youth and Sunshine. done together with my cousin-Geraldine. it was an impromptu shoot  but still fun enough.

(also, doesnt this meadow looks amazing? My first time shooting there. Fab place!)

p/s. Do contact us if you would like to have a session with your sis!

Example Post #3

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[Cinemagraph] – Looking through the Years

what with the trillion GBs of hardisk of today, film and photos (real hardcopy photos) are being gradually forgotten and forsaken.
People are storing their photos and memories inside discs and seeing them through the screen. Nothing wrong.

But the old-soul me still VERY much prefers a real photo. One which I can hold in my hands, one which I can touch and one which my tears can stain.. I am not good with words so I can’t express exactly WHY I would take a 4R size photo over a 5000px softcopy image anyday.
But here’s Chelsey and Adrian, looking through the album. One which they can hold, flip and touch..


James & KaiLing & Heidi

More then Often I’m being asked what is the best time for photoshoot. My answer might be right, could be technically wrong.. but its always “MORNING”.
Yes I hear the groans.. but please believe me~ Morning lights are the prettiest, it’s also cooler around early morning and most importantly, it’s NOT crowded everywhere!
Well, of course not at the crack of dawn, how does 8am sounds to you guys? 😉

I have here with me today a mini-post.. of James & KaiLing & Heidi, taken early in the morning. Fresh, awake and Cooling!

Please Enjoy.

and here is a unique Cinemagraph from the same session..
Enjoy the Sea Breeze..