The Perfect Husband – Rachel & WeiKeong

So here Im posting again.. I know, Im trying my best to break the blog-drought and would be posting more! Unless I got swamp by work, but hey that’s a good thing!

Yesterday I had a session with Rachel & WeiKeong, and a part of it was taken at their beautiful home.
I think that’s so beautiful, because it’s where you would be spending time together, relaxing and sharing all the good times..

Am sooo glad and thankful for all the trust they put in me and hence resulted in this visual.. a favorite of mine.
Partly because it’s so Tongue-in-cheek (note where the vacuum is), alright it’s unintentional.. but just turns out this way..
Mostly is because I believe a new-age husband should be helping out with the housework chores instead of lounging watching TV..
WeiKeong seems to know very well how to manage all the chorse. FIVE stars!!

Again, thanks guys for ‘allowing’ me this. more pictures of this session soon!!!


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