Keith & Peggy – Decided on Forever.

There’s one of my ‘favouritest’ set (is there such a word?) of Prewedding. It was a pretty boiling HOT day but hey the sun was golden! I had such fun.

Well, the shoot would not be half as successful without the couple trusting me, and I think another half goes to the assistants.. they are like the unseen Heros of any shoots. Helping to fluff the gown, blow the bubbles and maybe even chasing away people who are blocking us. So a small tip to brides hoping to have a fun and easy prewedding or Engagement shoot, get one of your Bff or a sister along to help~ She can help to adjust any falling straps or hold the bouquet or just be there to help you feel at ease. =D (of course I help I will with the falling straps too. =P)

meanwhile, as usual, enjoy the pictures peep. =D

^ Tiny Detail tells a story too.. every petal, every smile and the Gown’ delicate patterns..

^ Beautiful Expressive Eyes.

^ This is my favourite-est-est photo in the whole series. I shall try my best to explain..

 I love how the whole background looks like a set from my childhood fairytale stories. No matter the age, I guess a girl still do cherish those precious tales. So yes, im not the least bit abash to say I feel this feels like a English Palace Garden, with our Princess and Prince ‘s Happily Ever After! =}

here’s something a little different from the usuals.. Sparkles Flying.. Quite literally!

And lastly, here’s me and the Couple.. Oh and the ‘Unseen Heros’ of the shoot, the assistants. =D Big Thanks..

Oh also, I had made a tiny behindTheScene video of this lovely shoot on my Facebook, You might be interested in seeing how ‘Bubbles are Made’. Click HERE!

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