some sneak previews from Wilson & Nara

I must had said this a couple of times, but do follow us on OhDear Facebook because i update there much much more frequently..

I cant believe 3/4 of 2011 had passed when I still feel that 2010 is the future.. What’s wrong with me. Trapped in a TimeWarp thats it.. anyway, a tiny “annoucement”, we are fully booked for whole of this year2011.. In fact, we had been fully booked and had closed bookings couple of months back..
we have yet to open bookings for next year, Im still finalizing some personal stuffs.. *exciting plans for me!*

I would be going to Bali this Nov for a prewedding shoot. yes im extremely excitied! meanwhile, here’s a beautiful shoot from last weekend.. Wilson & Nara..
These are just Sneak peeks, I have yet to finish the whole album. But Im excitied.. me think its gorgeous!! ;D!

Makeup by Susan Beauty

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