Felicia & James – A story of Bustops & Calculators Part1

Felicia and James are the last Couple I took to the now-history-KTM railway station.
Also, they are the first couple who used PokerCards as props. It was so funny because the KTM station was so crowded and we literally had to elbow our way around, stop people from snapping photos of “The Wedding Couple” and also throw pokerCards around.. =D

My couples always ask me what is the best time for shoots.. Well in my case, I would say Morning! As early as possible! Yes I know I know, it kills me to wake up at 6am too (shoot is 8am!) but the morning sun is really gorgeous.. and the greens are always dewy and shiny with morning dews.. Beautiful.

So anyway, enjoy this shoot peeps.

Gowns & Suits  by Michelle HuiMin (Bridal Veil)

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