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Sorry Im so busy

dear all peeps,

afew announcements.. We are currently fully booked for Shoots till Nov.. So earliest would have to be Dec2011.. We have yet to open up bookings for year2012 cause some exciting plans (at least for me) are along the way. 😉

and also, im sooo sorry for the lack of updates here. ’cause I had been so swamped recently.. Im back to shooting only on weekends (and hence the limited slots) and working fulltime.. so if you would like to look at more vintage-goodness, do follow us on Oh,Dear! Facebook. I do update there more frequently.

and just cause every post looks better with pictures, I have here with me two sneak peeks of a session from last saturday. ;D
Have a not-so-blue monday! xx00


to run around the meadow happily

Your sister is your first friend in life. Even if you don’t get together/talk as much as you could, she’ll always remain your best friend. Your sister will hold your hand for a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime. And I am so glad i have 1.

I used to quarrel and fight with her a lot but things has since been lots better after me moving out. but yes, we do still bicker frequently enough but I guess it’s for fun sake! heh.
and here’s a shoot to celebrate Sisters, Youth and Sunshine. done together with my cousin-Geraldine. it was an impromptu shoot  but still fun enough.

(also, doesnt this meadow looks amazing? My first time shooting there. Fab place!)

p/s. Do contact us if you would like to have a session with your sis!

Example Post #3

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[Cinemagraph] – Looking through the Years

what with the trillion GBs of hardisk of today, film and photos (real hardcopy photos) are being gradually forgotten and forsaken.
People are storing their photos and memories inside discs and seeing them through the screen. Nothing wrong.

But the old-soul me still VERY much prefers a real photo. One which I can hold in my hands, one which I can touch and one which my tears can stain.. I am not good with words so I can’t express exactly WHY I would take a 4R size photo over a 5000px softcopy image anyday.
But here’s Chelsey and Adrian, looking through the album. One which they can hold, flip and touch..


James & KaiLing & Heidi

More then Often I’m being asked what is the best time for photoshoot. My answer might be right, could be technically wrong.. but its always “MORNING”.
Yes I hear the groans.. but please believe me~ Morning lights are the prettiest, it’s also cooler around early morning and most importantly, it’s NOT crowded everywhere!
Well, of course not at the crack of dawn, how does 8am sounds to you guys? 😉

I have here with me today a mini-post.. of James & KaiLing & Heidi, taken early in the morning. Fresh, awake and Cooling!

Please Enjoy.

and here is a unique Cinemagraph from the same session..
Enjoy the Sea Breeze..