Seeing the Light

I had recently joined my first ever photo contest. Reason for such a long delay was of course I don’t think I am ‘up there yet’ and also, since young, I dread competitions. Any kind of contest can send me into panic-attack-mode. When I was younger (6yo) my mum brought me to a Lego contest, I literally froze there. Ended up building a sad little piece of wall.  I bawled when the results were announced. Naturally I didn’t win anything.

Okay grandmama story aside, I finally pluck up courage to join my first ever photo contest. It may or may not be a big deal but it certainly means alot to me.
I was obsessed with looking at the other entries. They are GORGEOUS!! =/

So here I’m, un-shamelessly advertising for myself.

People Choice as suggest is an Open votings. Doesn’t affect the Judges’s decisions at all, but its still awesome to get some Love & Supports !

So please click here -> to show me some support. (meaning vote for me lah)

A little bit about why this particular photo was chosen… Well its quite a old photo, taken over a year ago. It was during one of my first few shoot and it remains till date, my favourite piece of picture. I though it was particularly apt for the theme “Seeing The Light” since its mainly shadow-play. and oh also, this very shoot made me saw the light in so many ways.. In some ways, this shoot helped to shape OhDear!

I shall cross my fingers and pray my first ever contest gives me some kidda recognitions.

so please show me some Love and Supports kay. ❤


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