Girl behind the Camera. Rainy.

Heh. So recently been a hell of a good time. what with all the crazy shootings, back to back. but im really very disapointed.. With. The. Weather!!

I had lost count on the number of times it rain on me whenever im so hyped up on doing a shoot!

Be it one with Theme (a Sex and the City shoot!) or one with an awesome vintage Morris!!!

Also, May had been maddess with a shoot with Mommy, where we remember and celebrate MotherDays. I have got lovely babies with their pretty Moms, grownup Kids like myself with their Mothers.. it was heart-warming and fun.

I would be traveling to korean midJune with half of my family clan (a whooping 25 of us!) to take a break, you know.. eat some kimchi and maybe get a double eyelid while i’m at it. *chuckles* So meanwhile, updates would be a tad slow here cause I have another round of back-to-back shoots coming up real soon!!


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