Janice & Ryan & Reyna – Mommy we <3 u!

Smiles and Laughers from a happy kid is the one most beautiful thing in the world.
Time fly pass without us noticing much most of the time..
Kiddos grow up too fast!

I had a morning day-out with Janice (who’s one pretty mama, why she look like their Jiejie instead of Mummy!!), pretty Reyna and cheeky Ryan..
Usually during a shoot with Kids, I tend to move things along faster (shoot at a faster pace) cause kiddos tend to lost patient fast and when that do, well the photos wont turn out pretty~

Sometimes, kids say the darnest thing!
So i was like “let’s go and see the Swans!”
Ryan was like “what are Swans”
I was stunned for a moment wondering how to reply .. finally I said “erm. Pretty ducks” (I know I know, bad answer. but i didnt know how to reply!)

and there was the moment when Ryan was happily munching on his chips when suddenly he turned and said “I think I swallowed my tooth”
(He really did).. and he was so worried!
THOSE are such Precious Moments~

(I know im typing very randomly, pardon me.. I shall stop yapping and present the very-happy photos!)

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