an interview

a while back, someone contacted me for an interview (which was to be featured in a Book)..
here are some of the questions that were posted.. I figured it would be worth a read, since its all typed out! ;P

1/ When did you start Oh, Dear! Photography?
I started OhDear in March2010, afew months after my own wedding.

2/ What is the story behind the beginning of Oh, Dear! Photography?
Well, I love photography and when I got married in 2009, I had 7 engagement shoots (one was even underwater!). So after I “settled down”, I started missing styling shoots.

I really love Vintage styled photography cause I find it very different from whats usually being offered here. Hence OhDear was born. Offering happy and Natural looking vintage-styled shoots. 😉

3/ We would expect it to be tough juggling a day job and what you do with Oh, Dear! Photography! Tell us about some of your greatest challenges and what keeps you going on.
Quite! I work almost every day in fact, when I knock off from work, I am either hanging out with The Husband (yep that’s his surname, im MrsThe. Haha) or else I am editing photos. Oh I might be sleeping.
My greatest challenges would be to deliver the photos on time within the promised timeframe of 2weeks I guess. (I had never missed a deadline before. Choy!) ‘Cause I know brides are always very “gan chiong” about seeing their photos.. So I try not to drag…
What keeps me going? The cheesy answer would be ‘The LOVE from my Husband!’ haha. Nay its also the appreciation I get from my couples. Some of them would sms/email me telling me how they love the photos. I received gifts from some of my couples too. Like print out photos, handmade cards, chocolates etc. All these shows that my hardwork are worth it cause they had made people happy! =D

4/ On the other hand, what are some of the greatest satisfactions from your job as a wedding photographer?
When my couples sms/email me telling me about how they love the outcomes. When they post their photos on Facebooks and people were saying how great it is. Yes yes, very ego-stroking. Haha but at least I know people are appreciating my effort and work!

5/ What do you think sets Oh, Dear! Photography apart from other wedding photography services out there?
Firstly, I am a female. That’s quite different already cause a lot are guys out there. Hmm I would say the ‘Feel’ of my photos. I tend to take more “LOL” and silly-cute photos that would be quite girly. Unlike the current tread of arty-looking photos (which are great! Just not my style)

6/ We are in love with the vintage touch that Oh, Dear! Photography specialises in! Is there a special reason for making vintage a focus?
Yes. I dunno about you guys, But I LOVE flipping through my parent’s old wedding album. I love the slight rusty smell of it, I love the warm yellowish tone of it. Most of all, I love the timeless feel of it.
That’s how weddings should be. Timeless.
I might be an old soul trapped in a 20 sometime body. Lets just say I like old stuffs.

Oh, I listen to the beatles a lot when im editing. Heh..

7/ What is the one thing/element that is consistent in all your pictures?
HAPPINESS! Laughters! And natural lightings.

8/ Please tell us how many satisfied couples you’ve had over the years!
Ahh, that would be impossible to count. HAHA!

Random Facts?
I am Melody The Lin. (because The is my husband’s family name)

I am 26years old this year.

I love chocolates.
I love my two hamsters.
I don’t believe in big ass cameras and flashes.
I hate bean sprout.
I listen to The Beatles.
I am currently listening to StandByMe cause this shoot Im editing right now reminds me of this song.


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