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Clement & Kelly – Stand By Me

Clement and Kelly shoot was postponed the first time due to heavy showers, but the reshoot was AWESOME.. Mother Nature decided that she’s in a good mood and bless us with wonderful lights and gorgeous skies.. (did I mention it was cooling as well?)

Well recently I’ve been getting comments that my couples always look so happy and natural, and that they (new couples) are shy infront of cameras and worried about being stiff.
I guess, what I can reply would be that, that’s cause I don’t get people to pose! (not much anyway)..
I do not believe in posey-posey photos, we are not models.. . . .

I am going to stop preaching here abruptly cause you should be enjoying the pictures from Clement & Kelly session. So. Till then, have a good weekend!!

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(Click ME for bigger clearer and more photos!)

Ben & Cecilia – Time Travellers’

Ever had a crush when you were schooling? Im sure you did.. Heck, I’m sure we all did in fact, at some point of time. And I remember it almost makes schooling bearable, hey, FUN in fact!
Like peeping eagerly under desk to see if she has left any notes for you.
Doodling tiny heart-shapes around his name.

Today’s Couple meet wayyy back in School.. so we ‘time-travelled’ and went back for a shoot. No prizes for guessing which school, and we even found a piano there. I almost pee-ed myself, I been wanting and wanting to shoot with one of these babies since, a gazillion years back!

Enjoy the picture peeps..

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Alicia & Michael – Happy Holiday

I am so sorry for the lack of posts, its not that I do not have photos to show, I actually have TONS im just dying to show. It’s I am living on ‘Stolen Time’ now (a phrase I stole from one of my fav. Photographer).. I am just so mad busy here I wish there’s 3more Melodys..

OhDear’s first Birthday is coming and I had met quite a number of couples over the year. But I do still get butterflies the night before the shoot. I would wonder would we ‘click’? Would they be nice peeps? Etc etc. I used to forward to seeing what clothes they would turn up in and their props.

Nothing works better then carefully planned outfits.

But over the time of shooting, I realized it not the outfit that matters. Sure, turning up in beautiful gowns and suits, having unique props do score points (not with me lah, the photos!) but it’s the very raw emotions and happiness of being Engaged that matters the most.

Alicia and Michael is one such Couple. They turned up in the most casual outfit (not complaining!) but my lens love them. Why? Cause they are simply Naturals. If ever Love can be captured, it would be through the happiness on newly-engaged couples, the smile on their faces and the way they look at each other.. and I see that on them..

That being said, I still do not wanna see my couples turning up in ratty old slippers har.

So here’s the picture from Alicia and Michael HappyHoliday.. As usual, Enjoy Peeps!


Jamie & JieLiang – Painting with Lights

I once read that the word “photography” comes from Greek roots. Photo means ‘light’. Graphein means ‘to write’.. To write with Lights..
How beautiful and how true.

Here’s afew selecteds of Jamie & JieLiang’s session, shot in the classic Chinese Garden.. with beautiful evening rays..

Enjoy the serenity of it peeps.. =)

Cynthia & Bryant – Happy Birthday Out

They say Opposite attracts and I cant agree more! heh.. Cause Cynthia super love photoshoots while bryant.. well, he doesn’t like facing cameras at all! Haha..
but on Cynthia’s birthday, we went strolling along the country side, we went picnic-ing and had a lovely time. Thank you B & C! ♥