Alvin & Ruth – Star Lovers

I am a self-confessed Bad Writer. Always been. In fact when I was schooling, I was always the only one who nearly flunk my compositions.. Gag!

Well maybe I ought to explain abit about the title, might it be ’cause both of them love Starbucks, they bought a star to the shoot as props and erm erm, they go starry-eyes at each other.. (ok. I made that up, slightly. ahem)

So just the other day, I was out shooting Alvin and Ruth, I was telling Ruth about what a horrible writer I am and that sometimes, I just cant find words beautiful enough to describe my couples and shoots. So Ruth suggested letting the bride “guest-blogging” instead and so.. here’s what she has to say about the shoot!

Alvin and I had a hard time choosing where to have our shoot because we’ve seen how both and urban and “ulu” places can be beautiful backdrops in the hands of a good photographer. We eventually decided to stay in the city because we’re really urbanites at heart and wanted to be shot at places that mean something to us!

I was quite concerned about how the shoot would turn out ‘cos I’m not a natural model. But Melody made it easy and we ended up having a lot of fun. We were also blessed with wonderful clear weather that day (it was raining throughout the rest of the week)! Thanks Melody! 🙂 ” -Ruth

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