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Alvin & Ruth – Star Lovers

I am a self-confessed Bad Writer. Always been. In fact when I was schooling, I was always the only one who nearly flunk my compositions.. Gag!

Well maybe I ought to explain abit about the title, might it be ’cause both of them love Starbucks, they bought a star to the shoot as props and erm erm, they go starry-eyes at each other.. (ok. I made that up, slightly. ahem)

So just the other day, I was out shooting Alvin and Ruth, I was telling Ruth about what a horrible writer I am and that sometimes, I just cant find words beautiful enough to describe my couples and shoots. So Ruth suggested letting the bride “guest-blogging” instead and so.. here’s what she has to say about the shoot!

Alvin and I had a hard time choosing where to have our shoot because we’ve seen how both and urban and “ulu” places can be beautiful backdrops in the hands of a good photographer. We eventually decided to stay in the city because we’re really urbanites at heart and wanted to be shot at places that mean something to us!

I was quite concerned about how the shoot would turn out ‘cos I’m not a natural model. But Melody made it easy and we ended up having a lot of fun. We were also blessed with wonderful clear weather that day (it was raining throughout the rest of the week)! Thanks Melody! 🙂 ” -Ruth


Dear all,

Did you have a great St Valentine’s Day? (Granted it’s a day dreaded by Flowers)
But it’s a great day of pampering for us girls! What with the gifts, the i-love-yous and the chocolates.. sighs..

So go ahead, give your guy a big bear hug and tell him how much you love him! =D!

I have here a Pretty Pink Sneak peek for today with me..

“If there’s a colour for Love, it would be Pink..”

Edwin & YiQing – Sweeter then Lollipops (ROM)

YiQing and Edwin’s ROM was on the eve of Chinese New Year itself. Nope its not because they were in a hurry to give out Angbaos (heh) but it was the exact day Edwin proposed to Yiqing 2years ago.. Aww.

Both of them are based in Shanghai and came back specially.. The intimate ceremony was held at the Pool Terrace Pavilion of Marriott and it was beautifully decorated with flower balls handmade by Yiqing. Did I mention her bouquet and corsages were all handmade from real lollipops?!

Their vows were extremely cute and it goes something like this “Instead of i-pad, from today onwards, it would be we-pad.”

So let’s celebrate the union of we-pad. Enjoy the pictures peep!

Szehui & Luke – You are my SunShine

I have one beautiful shoot to share today. I think what makes a good photo is a genuine happy and relaxed smile, lots of laughters and some perfect sunrays won’t hurt. I think SzeHui and Luke totally nailed it. I love how perfectly at ease they are infront of the camera. =D

We were blessed with gorgeous golden morning sunlight that day and man, it was Beautiful.

Szehui also did her Family shoot with me, so we went for a Picnic at Botanic Garden. Well a picture speaks 1000 words..
So here’s “14000 words” for you peeps..