Worm & Wendy – Loveworms

Well well well, what can I say about Worm and Wendy.. They are one of my Funkiest, funniest, cutiest and lively-est (is there such a word?) couple. What can you expect when his name is Worm right. ;P

“We are rough, cool, lovely, nonsense and funny (puke) so i think romantic, clean and soft feel don’t fit us… haha” – Worm

and how true indeed!
What was supposed to be this….

Turned out like this!

Hahaha.. And what was supposed to be like This…

Turned out this way!

How fun how Cute! I love lively couples who are not afraid to have fun infront of a camera.. Heh..
And oh man, they came to the shoot early in the morning when they just got back to Singapore at midnight the previous night! I can’t believe how energetic they are.. ( I would be a walking zombie if I am deprived of my 8hours sleep.. X_x )

So here’s Worm and Wendy’s Engagements.. Full of glorious sunshine, Totally wild and Totally unplanned.. Enjoy peeps!!

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