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vintage camera skin for your iphone?

You would soon realize your iphone is much more then just a phone. One minute you’re ordering pizza with it, next moment you’re bashing green pigs with it and next you’re recording the precious moments in life.

So here are a few very unique skins for your iphone.. (I only have 2 of each)
If you’re keen, email me and I would get back to you soon!

Limited Quantity!

** Do note, these are NOT iphone case, they are Skin.. (aka Stickers) **

If you’re keen, leave a comment HERE and I would get back to you soon!

Worm & Wendy – Loveworms

Well well well, what can I say about Worm and Wendy.. They are one of my Funkiest, funniest, cutiest and lively-est (is there such a word?) couple. What can you expect when his name is Worm right. ;P

“We are rough, cool, lovely, nonsense and funny (puke) so i think romantic, clean and soft feel don’t fit us… haha” – Worm

and how true indeed!
What was supposed to be this….

Turned out like this!

Hahaha.. And what was supposed to be like This…

Turned out this way!

How fun how Cute! I love lively couples who are not afraid to have fun infront of a camera.. Heh..
And oh man, they came to the shoot early in the morning when they just got back to Singapore at midnight the previous night! I can’t believe how energetic they are.. ( I would be a walking zombie if I am deprived of my 8hours sleep.. X_x )

So here’s Worm and Wendy’s Engagements.. Full of glorious sunshine, Totally wild and Totally unplanned.. Enjoy peeps!!

Rahayu & Firdhaus – United, We will never walk alone!

Have you watched the malay movie titled ” Seniman Bujang Lapok ” (The Three Bachelors as Actors) before?

It’s one of the most popular and iconic Malay movies/comedies of all time by Shaw Brothers during the 60s..

When Rahayu & Firdhaus told me they wanna do a few iconic scenes from the movie, I was like “Oh Wow, that’s challenging”..

But I think I was stressing myself too much, the shoot turned out so fun! They’re natural actors.. heh..

For the second part, Rahayu wanted to incorporate their love for Soccer into the shoot.. and they are Rival Fans! How cute right..

So here’s Rahayu & Firdhaus’s Engagement, enjoy peeps and I wish you a very very very blissful marriage!!

Click Here to see More Photos!

Click Here to see More Photos!

I am still around – just busy!

Hello Peeps,

Lack of updates was due to my busy busy schedule.. So to prevent you guys from thinking I had ran away (haha), here are some Sneak Peeks I had posted on my Facebook page.. I would be doing a full post on these awesome shoots soon.. *very soon!*

Gorgeous Couple coupled with Awesome Sunlight. LOVE!


– ” Attitude with Coolness ”


‎- ” United, we’ll never walk alone! ”


– ” IceCreams are made of Love, Kisses and all things nice! ”


– ” If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in my palm. Thank you babe..”


– ” Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. ”

Justin & Sharon – Stardust

I know I haven been updating much lately (guilty!) so here’s my first Bridal shoot of year 2011..
Justin & Sharon’s Prewedding.. entitled Stardust..

How many of you believe Stars have the power to grant wishes?
Well whatever it is, they do look gorgeous in photos don’t they? (yes justin & sharon AND the stars)

So enjoy the photos peep and have a blissful marriage justin & sharon!

“not a single star was left or harmed in the process of making these photos” – Justin

Bridal Gown & Suit – di Gio
Hairdo & Makeup – Bride’s own

1909 miles of Love (Taiwan)

Hey peeps,

I am posting my Taiwan shoot in Episodes nightly on Facebook and 3 are already up.
Click here to take a look..

I really love the outcome of this shoot.. beautiful scenery and all..


The days when Apples and Blackberries were still Fruits

Remember our 2nd Giveaway? Well, here’s the Result!

ChunKai and Maureen knew each other through Twitter. (Ahh the amazement of technology nowadays) So while brainstorming about their shoot, we decided to give it a vintage twist and have their shoot at the last kampong of Singapore.
And to add in the “Twitter” in the kampong, we had a tin-can-telephone! =D

We also brought along all-time fav childhood toys like the skipping rope, marbles (also lovingly named Gor-Li!), bubbles etc and had a fun morning..

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Click Here for more Photos

Click Here for more Photos

Alvin & JieYin – Cycle down The Lane

Couple of weeks back, I was telling my mum happily “I love my job! Who gets to cycle around East Coast Park on a Sunday when they are working?”
She cheekily reply “Got! The Security Guard.”

Nice one, Mum.

Anyway, here’s Alvin and JieYin’s Engagement done at East Coast Park.. We rented a couple of Bikes (to get around quickly and easily) and went around finding lovely spots. Alvin even showed me the very particular spot he proposed to JieYin and told me the story of how ‘random’ it was. Sweet. Thanks for the lovely afternoon and I hope you guys have a blissful marriage!