Chris + Cherish + Freya – F.A.M.I.L.Y.

When I was younger, I didn’t understand the importance of Family. I would choose hanging out with friends rather than my mum and dad anyday anytime. Now as I grew older (Noo!!), I begun to realize and understand and love hanging out with my family. Sunday is my Family day and I look forward to it the whole week long! =D

My dad is the coolest guy in my world and I love my Mum (well maybe not when she is nagging me).. Oh and my kidda-pesky younger sis. =P

Did you know why’s Family spelled this way? Because it stands for Father And Mother I Love You.  (Bit tacky I know, but its kidda cool right!)

So, Meet Chris, Cherish and Freya.. a lovely lovely family I shot over the weekend. It was a typical Saturday morning for them.. Hanging out at the Park, see-sawing and chatting.. followed by a macBreakfast nearby. It’s this kind of simplicity that makes life beautiful.. not all the cash in the world nor all the expensive cars. No.

Its the Love from  Mom and Dad.

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