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2010 was a good year for me.

I got married during Dec’09, set up OhDear early 2010. Since then, it had been one great big adventure for me.

I thanks each and everyone of you. Here are some snaps taken over the year. Of course there are load more. thousands more actually.
Each and every is so special to me.
year2010 had brought me to Taiwan, to Macau for shoots.
year2010 had brought me new friends.
year2010 allowed me to witness lovely families and witness awesome ROMs.

Now enough yakking.. I hereby wish everyone of you good luck, good health and a GREAT 2011! See you guys next year. *big love and hug*

Chris + Cherish + Freya – F.A.M.I.L.Y.

When I was younger, I didn’t understand the importance of Family. I would choose hanging out with friends rather than my mum and dad anyday anytime. Now as I grew older (Noo!!), I begun to realize and understand and love hanging out with my family. Sunday is my Family day and I look forward to it the whole week long! =D

My dad is the coolest guy in my world and I love my Mum (well maybe not when she is nagging me).. Oh and my kidda-pesky younger sis. =P

Did you know why’s Family spelled this way? Because it stands for Father And Mother I Love You.  (Bit tacky I know, but its kidda cool right!)

So, Meet Chris, Cherish and Freya.. a lovely lovely family I shot over the weekend. It was a typical Saturday morning for them.. Hanging out at the Park, see-sawing and chatting.. followed by a macBreakfast nearby. It’s this kind of simplicity that makes life beautiful.. not all the cash in the world nor all the expensive cars. No.

Its the Love from  Mom and Dad.

Back from 1909 miles away

hey peeps,
So sorry for the seemingly lack of updates! If you’r on my facebook, you would know I’m just back from a prewedding at Taiwan, Taipei. and Man.. I cant wait to share the photos with you guys!! The shoot was awesome~ I mean, the weather is perfect, the scenery’s gorgeous and the locals are SO friendly! and Mabel and Roger rocks of course! Sorry I cant help raving. Heh.

So here’s two sneaks from the shoot..

Eugene & Sandi & Little Bebe

she told me “a picnic setting with lots of flowers and nice food, complete with a picnic basket and an irritating little poodle.”
So on one bright sunny morning, we had a beautiful picnic with Eugene, Sandi and LittleBebe.. Well, LittleBebe wasn’t annoying. She’s adorable!

Enjoy peeps!

Yvonne & Jacob – Married for God

Have you guys been to the Singapore National Museum before? You must if you haven! Its gorgeous.. Cooling (aircon!) and beautiful interiors, the ceiling are glass, hence there are natural sunlight. *love!* Well you would love too, specially if you are wearing your gown and standing under the baking sun. X_x

Right, so this series of Yvonne and Jacob were taken in the National Museum. Did I mention I love the tall long windows.. with golden sunshine pouring in? Enjoy!

Justina & Shawn – Black&Whites

Did you know we actually do offer Vouchers? So you can get them as gifts for parents/friends’ anniversary or say Engagement presend. 😉
Evelyn (see her shoot here!), my primary school mate, Gifted Justina a OhDear Voucher as a Engagement Present.. and on the day of our shoot, we realised both me and Justina live just opposite each other! (But I had never seen her around the block before.) Aww Life’s little coincidences.

They are offically Mr & Mrs Ang now.. So congrats and all the best!! ❤

Gwen & Mac – Hooray for Hollywood

Do you remember the Giveaway we held awhile back here ->
Here’s the result! ♥
Night-time is romantic, mysterious and beautiful (ok not to mention, cooling!). This entire  Engagement was shot in Universal Studios Singapore. Which is really a gorgeously retro place for shoot! ♥ I heart the place.. with its little dark winding alleys, vintage cars park all along the road, jukeboxes..
Ooh did I mention fireworks??? (I WANT TO LIVE THERE!! LOL)
pss, we are holding our 2nd Giveaway  right now. This time, the Theme is Your Dream Shoot. Leave a comment to win a 1Hr shoot with us.
Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures peeps.

Jeremy & Tracie – The Girl From Ipanema

“We were like two giggling school girls on photoshoot day…” was Tracie’s first response when I delivered the photos to her. And that is exactly what I love about the two of them. Tracie and Jeremy is such a Happy Couple! Their laughter’s and smiles are contagious and they truly look like they belong to each other.
Ok am I getting too mushy here??

Their album’s entitled “The Girl From Ipanema” not cause that’s where Tracie is from… But because that was the song that was playing when they first met! (Now is it not movie-like or what.)

I can’t wait to shoot their ROM this coming mid-December. Till then, enjoy these pictures peeps. =D

and, here’s my very favourite from that morning. Doesn’t it look straight outta a 60’s movie?

“I don’t need to hug or hold you tight
I just wanna dance with you all night
In this world there’s nothing I would rather do
‘Cause I’m happy just to dance with you”

The Beatles – I’m Happy Just To Dance With You