Justin & Melody – Old World Charm

Macau is much much more then bright Casinos and noisy jackpots. Its full of the yesterday charm thats slowly but surely disappearing.. Full of winding old alleys, hauntingly beautiful hundred-years old churches.. and of course yummy egg tarts (who could forget that!).

With a tripod in hand, we explored the little alleys… and found some delightful spots…
I find it indescrible but I fell in love with Macau the first time I visited (thats last year). There’s just something about that place that charms me so much. Its kidda like an older HongKong, kidda like a step back Yesterday where Loves are True, where neighbours are friendly and where there are no worries about Tomorrow.

Justin and I had actually talked about migrating there when we are of retirement age! Well one can dream. Anyway, here are afew of my favourites. Hope you find Macau as charming as I do.

– in anticipation of

Lastly, my favourite of my husband, “The Flying Thief”.

Pss.. Anyone whos keen on having a Prewedding / Engagement Shoot overseas or at Macau, drop me a mail at ohdearphoto@gmail.com .. I promise it would be gorgeous!

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