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Wendy & Lawrence – Happily in Love

you know, it’s really hard to shoot a fellow photographer. Cause you know he knows what you are doing and is watching your every moves. Haha. So I was quite stress when shooting Wendy & Lawrence (who takes pretty awesome pictures himself!) but I was being unnecessarily-worried, as usual.

Both of them were totally awesome and easy-going, we went for walks around Haji lane, eating ice-creams, we went kite-flying at meadows and mosquito-feeding (gah!).
Wishing you two a blissful marriage and stay happy always!

Adriel & Winnie – Larger than Life!

innie and me were classmate back in the uni days, so you can imagine my excitement when she contacted me for a shoot. I knew it’s gonna be a blast cause being a Designer, she has a lot very interesting ideas for the shoot.

Yayness. ♥

I named her album Larger than Life cause all the props used in this series are so… big! Giant gift box, huge pink ice-cream, giant puffs, bundles of colourful balloons and large friendly dogs.

Oh and she even hand-made (yes HAND MADE) the tulle skirt she wore in this shoot. To be honest, I ever tried making a skirt like that, failed terribly. Here are some of my favorites, sun was gorgeous that day. Weee!

Evening Gown by Amanda Lee

The Huda Family

So I did a Family Protrait for the lovely Hudas awhile back, and they are Too. Cute. Nadine is so dainty that she fits into the vintage suitcase and basket that was brought along for the shoot! *love!*

Here are some from that Delightful Morning..  =)

Justin & Melody – Old World Charm

Macau is much much more then bright Casinos and noisy jackpots. Its full of the yesterday charm thats slowly but surely disappearing.. Full of winding old alleys, hauntingly beautiful hundred-years old churches.. and of course yummy egg tarts (who could forget that!).

With a tripod in hand, we explored the little alleys… and found some delightful spots…
I find it indescrible but I fell in love with Macau the first time I visited (thats last year). There’s just something about that place that charms me so much. Its kidda like an older HongKong, kidda like a step back Yesterday where Loves are True, where neighbours are friendly and where there are no worries about Tomorrow.

Justin and I had actually talked about migrating there when we are of retirement age! Well one can dream. Anyway, here are afew of my favourites. Hope you find Macau as charming as I do.

– in anticipation of

Lastly, my favourite of my husband, “The Flying Thief”.

Pss.. Anyone whos keen on having a Prewedding / Engagement Shoot overseas or at Macau, drop me a mail at .. I promise it would be gorgeous!

Old World Charm

Hello All,

I am back from a short vacation.. You might had guessed where from my new banner (above!)
Sigh.. I love the place. Yummy food, cooling weather and friendly locals. Most importantly, GORGEOUS places for shoots.
(Think East-Meet-West. Literally)

Anyway, here’s a Sneaker that I love. Its of my charming (to me at least. Haha) Husband.. Both of us are fans of JayChou, and this picture reminds us of a classic song from Jay.. and so i named this picture after that song..

macau, justin, ruins of st pauls

Peter & Bingling – Guitar Heros

Typically I like to interview my Couples (that’s if they are not too shy! ) about how they met, their hobbies and their jobs and what’s not. I always love a good love story and also these helps me to know more about them and personalize their shoot.

So when I asked Peter and Bingling to tell me about themselves, they told me about their love for StarWars, for Guitar Hero, how they met and fell in love.

So what better way to bring out Guitar Hero (it’s a game by the way, I didn’t know until I meet them! Haha) then to go to a actual Guitar Shop itself and ROCK IT OUT!!

After which we held a “party” with the birds at the park (LOL!) and lastly some quiet quality reading time..   =)

Hope you guys like the photos and may Peter&Bingling have a blissful marriage!!

Hi Sweetheart ! – 海派甜心 Inspired Engagement

Have you watched  , 海派甜心 before? It’s a Taiwanese Drama starring Show Lou and Rainie Yang broadcasted earlier this year. It’s an extremely adorable, not to mention funny and romantic show about how Dalang (a certifiable dork who comes from a wealthy family) and BaoZhu (who’s an eccentric and friendless punk) falling in love..

screenshoot from <Hi My Sweetheart>(Screenshoot from show – 海派甜心, Hi My Sweetheart. Image from

Of course there’s more than just a love story to it, but you would have to catch the show to know more!

When Celine and Shamus wanted to do this as the theme for their shoot, I was super-duper excited.
It’s a whole bundle of fun, not to mention super attention-grabbing! Why, we were shooting at the bustop when this excited bunch of teenager-girls stopped and started snapping pictures of them.
Celine and Shamus were sporting enough to do every silly thing I asked them to. Aww.

Have I gushed enough? Okay, here’re some of my favourites.
I hope you guys like the pictures as much as I do..

(Click Here for the Full Album.)

this really happened! We were shooting halfway when he announced he need to use the washroom.. so we waited. and waited. and waited…..

and finally, as an Exclusive-Behind-the-Scene…

Click Here for the Full Album. =)

** Updates – Some FAQs **
I welcome all theme shoots, the sky is the limit so be creative!
And yes, props and outfits are your own.
Lastly, of course there are no ‘Extra Cost’ for Creative Theme-shoots or Concept-Shoots.

Stan & Joanne – Kissing the Rain away

I was actually all annoyed before Stan&Joanne’s shoot cause it was Raining the moment we prepared to go out!! But luckily, everything cleared up nicely when we reached the first location! wee…! Sky was a clear blue, cooling winds were blowing and birds were chirping.. even the duckies came out to play. (you will see later)

After all the beautiful places, we went to vivo city for a quick Shoot. Why? Cause that was where their First Date was! Years back.. Revisiting the place *that exact spot*, they recount how funny their was. I did a Comic for them based on their story.
— > (Click Here to see the comic)

Have a Blissful marriage Stan & Joanne and enjoy the pictures! =D

Hi Sweetheart !

There’s two sneak peek of a shoot I did last week that Im very excited about. Okay its super duper CUTE. We were laughing all the way at how funny and silly some of the shoots are…
Can you guys guess what show we gotten the inspirations from?

Hint: It’s a taiwan Idol drama.  =P


Brenda & Dylan – HelloKitty & Dino !

Dylan and Brenda knew each other way back in Secondary School (wow that’s like 10 years ago) and man, are they so sweet to each other! They shared with me this scrap-book that they handmade together, full of sugar, spices and all things nice! and I also made my very first debut Engagement-Comic (click to view!) for them. Heh.

Thankfully it was a gorgeously sunny day that morning and here are some of my favourite. Enjoy!