Ten Ten Ten Ten – Double Happiness!

Let’s sing-along now “Ten ten ten ten, ten ten ten ten” (To the tune of Here Comes The Bride)

Yeah! I am singing talking about yesterday 10.10.10, where there were a total of 830 couples tying the knot. Sweet!

Here’s a gorgeous bride I shot yesterday, during her ROM…

In case you are wondering, yes its Summer. I shot her Engagement shoots.
You might see it Here and Here.
(More pictures of their lovely wedding coming along the way!)

Oh also, 10.10.10 ‘s a good day because it’s my loving husband’s 29th Birthday and here I’m writing something dedicated to him.. he’s so sweet and annoying at the same time, he fluff my pillows for me at night, tuck me in to bed and listen to my endless rants and complains. although he leave dirty shirts on the floor sometimes, leave the toilet seat up sometimes or annoy me by doing the chicken-little-dance a lot of times.. I love him all the same.
i love how he is shy, how he is daring, how kind he is and how strong he is.
Thank you my love, thank you for all that and for providing me a strong shoulder to lean on (and to punch on when im angry!)

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