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a Golden Couple’s Golden Morning

Wayne and Anzeal are both so photogenic and romantic! They met at NIE and within a year, they had decided they are made for each other.. and they would be tying the knot soon~ aww. When you know, you know. Right?

So, although it rained abit while we were shooting but we managed to rock the shoot (if I say so myself!) Infact, the sun came out strong and golden after a while. Yay. and would you believe it, Anzeal did her own hair and makeup. Wooh.
 Here are some of the selecteds, I had a hard time choosing my favourites.. Hope you like them!

Ohh Wayne and Anzeal, have a blissful marriage!!

its a.. Engagement Giveaway!

Hi everyones! I am so excitied to announce that we are having our very first Engagement Giveaway! To win a 1hour session with us, just hope over to our facebook page (click here!) and leave a comment. Write us anything, surprise us!
This contest will end 29thOct2010 12am. (the winner would be drawn at random through

I would announce the winner on 30thoct2010.. So keep a look out! ♥

Roy&Summer’s ROM – A Spin down Memory Lane

I first met Roy&Summer around April for a chat about their Engagement shoot.. Followed by a series of emails and brainstorming about how their shoot would be.
We ended up at Borders BookStore and the exact same seat of the cafe, where they had their First-Date years ago.

more photos of part1 here

and also to a Cinema where they spent a lot of time at …
(their movie dates, Summer even kept all the movie tickets.)

more photos of part2 here

= Fast forward =

So on the 10.10.10, this lovely couple finally tied the knot!!
I was so happy for them (really), from strangers to clients to Friends.
They loan me their vintage Pilot Helmets for the Up Shoot, trust my taste totally.. Why, Summer even bought me a Monthly Planner and a Pink Bunny. =D
I nearly tear-ed myself during their Solemnisation (no kidding), cause its like watching your own friends pledging their life to each other. =]
They are currently away on their HoneyMoon but I can’t wait to showcase some of their Perfect10 Wedding (I know Summer cant wait to see neither).
Haha. So here goes some.

(Pss, I am still very new to shooting ROM and ADs, where everything is kidda outta your control. What with kids running and screaming, hectic timelines and running up and down and left and right. But I enjoyed every min of it)


The Heartwarming solemnisation was followed by a quick change of Gown, some TouchUps and finally a Luncheon.

I particularly love the photo below cause it’s really a case of LittleGirl VS LittleBoy!
Like how a LittleGirl would love to dress up prettily and pose for pictures while a LittleBoy would be.. … well “are-we-done”.
Haha. Kiddos.. =D Gonna love them.

Much much love to Roy&Summer for allowing me to be part of your BigDay! =D
(Wedding and ROM held at Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre)

nature lovers

” nothing is quite as precious as two individual madly in love, ready to begin a new journey as Husband & Wife..” 

Wishing you guys everlasting happiness and a wonderful marriage..

– Bridal gown and Suit from Ted Wu

Ten Ten Ten Ten – Double Happiness!

Let’s sing-along now “Ten ten ten ten, ten ten ten ten” (To the tune of Here Comes The Bride)

Yeah! I am singing talking about yesterday 10.10.10, where there were a total of 830 couples tying the knot. Sweet!

Here’s a gorgeous bride I shot yesterday, during her ROM…

In case you are wondering, yes its Summer. I shot her Engagement shoots.
You might see it Here and Here.
(More pictures of their lovely wedding coming along the way!)

Oh also, 10.10.10 ‘s a good day because it’s my loving husband’s 29th Birthday and here I’m writing something dedicated to him.. he’s so sweet and annoying at the same time, he fluff my pillows for me at night, tuck me in to bed and listen to my endless rants and complains. although he leave dirty shirts on the floor sometimes, leave the toilet seat up sometimes or annoy me by doing the chicken-little-dance a lot of times.. I love him all the same.
i love how he is shy, how he is daring, how kind he is and how strong he is.
Thank you my love, thank you for all that and for providing me a strong shoulder to lean on (and to punch on when im angry!)

WenYi & Stacy – Simple Pleasures

“We’ve been planning a Picnic for quite long.” 
“When I was younger, I used to fly kites quite often.”

“Balloons are made of sweet dreams, Love and all things wonderful”
“We tend not to think of work when we are off, but of each other.”

So one fine morning, we went kite flying, clouds gazing and a lovely Picnic together with this delightful couple. Oh with the grass between our toes. =D

Plants of Hope – Shan & Junda

I stood in the centre of it all, rubbles, broken glass bits and some chipped old bricks. Taking it all in, I wonder what happened here. What’s the history? Had a family lived here? Had there once been kids running around? What happened?

Above me, in the mist of the broken roofs, saplings cling onto the remaining darken rafters, growing tall and strong. A Couple stood in front of me, so fiercely in love.

And suddenly, I realized it doesn’t matter. The History of it doesn’t matter a bit. What does is the present. Full of new Life and new Hope.