Vintage Outfits for the Gentlemen

(Pss, I would be doing a Vintage Outfits for the Ladies soon-ish)
More then often, I get questions like ‘what should I wear?’
Really, its really up to you.. So long you are comfty and happy, my camera will love you.

But if you must, I had complied a few items (Apart from the usual ties) for the gentlemen that I think will jazz up the look. Now of course Im no fashion guru, so believe me at your own risk!

#1 – Fedora
This is perharps a fav of my husband. No needs to mention how English it looks.
Oh added bonus is, it gives you something to hold and play with. Additional prop. Heh.

#2 – A flap Cap
Now Im not sure is this a proper name for it, but I had always love how preppy it look.

Photo taken from Here

#3 – Suspenders
The guys might not like it much, but hey its really quite cute right? There’s a certain boyish charm about Suspenders. 😀

#4 – Vests / Waistcoats
Our weather might be too hot for a suit (poor guy, having to wear a full suit under the baking sun.. is really to die for).
So a vest is a great substitute instead. Its gentleman-looking, cooling to wear. Why not?

There are some tiny bits that I am lazy to search around for (pictures I mean) and some that I can think off-hands would be..
Bow Ties
a Chain clock
Tweed Jackets

Now go play around with some items and jazz up that outfit!
(I would update when I come across somemore stuffs alright) 😀

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