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Coffee Table Album

Jinny & Terence – A projection of Dream

I held out my hand for him. He lowered his head and walked towards me slowly.

I put my hand on his nose, so soft and velvet, while he muzzles me gently.

Murphy is a 14years old horse, a bit mid-age actually. But nonetheless, magnificent.

I gestured for Terence to take the leash and he did.. not before holding out a cupcake on his hand for Murphy.
Standing under the warm golden sun, I look on as they stood, arm in arm and patted Murphy on the nose..
What a beautiful scene..

I once read this quote – A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful.” So. True.

Jinny and Terence relationship is Strong, Beautiful and Powerful.. Something most can only Dream about. I know, cause I saw it.

(pss, you might be interested to know there’s a mixture of digital and film in this series. Some pictures are from the Recesky I fixed afew weeks back.)

When I grow up..

I want to be a Mummy.
I want to be a Bride.
I want to be a Doctor.

Did a Sisters Shoot with this 3 lovely ladies and as you might had guessed, yup that’s the stages each of them is in now.
“Childhood Games” was the theme for that day and they went all out!

They brought along Uno, fiveStones, bubbles, chalks (for hopscotch!) and even paper-cut-out-dolls for the shoot.
Oh and all those little tidbits that we ate when we were kids.. Such fun!!

I wish Rae a blissful marriage.
I wish Huifen a smooth delivery and of course a healthy chubby baby.
I wish Angela high marks for all her tests and exams!

And of course, I wish you guys like the photos. =D

Thomas & Joyce’s Lovely Getaway

I recently posted an entry suggesting some vintage outfits for the gentlemen (Click if you had not seen!)

I am harping on outfits for guys again because a well-dressed man makes a whole load of different for the shoot! Thomas here is one fine example (of course Joyce is lovely too, I love them both!!)
I Love how their outfits are coupled and matching and well-styled. Utterly adorable.

So, guys dont be lazy no more okay.. no more flipflops (if you can help it!)

Vouchers for you?

(Are you looking for the perfect gift? Then yes! This vouchers are The Gift to give to your love ones.. blah blah blah)

Nope, Im not going to start by yakking off these cheesy lines. Oh or did I just.

I been so lazy and busy (excuse excuse!) that I been meaning to post up pictures of the hardcover Coffeetable albums I do offer and, as title, the vouchers I do offer. So people know, you see.

Well, they work like this.
If you have friends who are engaged, or parents celebrating their silver/gold anniversaries, or you simply wanna pamper someone with a good vintage shoot (ahem!)..
you can purchase Vouchers (see below for a sample) from Oh,Dear!

They are redeemable for 1 photoshoot..

Voucher would be sent to you via email and you can either Print them out and Gift them, or you can SaveTheEarth by simply emailing to your friend. Viola~


I built a camera~

– the Recesky Twin lens Reflex Camera

So a few weeks ago, I had this Brilliant idea to build a camera from scratch~ I happily bought this set and eagerly start fixing it.

I got stuck during the shutter part and nearly stomped it to TINY bits. (haha!) Luckily Alvin helped fix up the tiny buggers for me and heyhey! The camera is finally done up!!

Such a great sense of awesome…ness. the camera really feel like Mine (like my Kid or something. I know, crazy), cause I fixed it up from tiny parts. Woohoo.  ♥

It comes in a pretty box like this..

The instructions.. Yes I can read Chinese.. and nope it wasnt all that diffcult.

the neatly tucked up parts…

fixing them.. the back cover, the middle part with shutter and the right side..

The part on the right is where the Rewind button (of the film) is.

and here’s the final product in its full glory! ♥!

(before you think im such smartypants, its a Film camera. not a digital one.. When I told my sister I made a camera. She thought I Made a DSLR or something. haha! =P)

– a projection of dream

betcha didnt know horses can be so cheeky! =P

Here’s another Prelude of a very country-style engagement shoot.. together with Murphy the Horse.. ♥♥♥ ! Sorry I haven been doing much updates here. Been swamped with work recently! What with it being the Year End soon..

I am updating more often at Oh,Dear! Facebook page (shameless self-advertising here. haha!). So if you haven join us, come on over~ =D

Ohh oh, we are fully booked for year2010 already. Much much MUCH love for the support!!


a prelude of a lovely lovely getaway..

Just because..

here’s a beautiful one with pony.. and Love of course..

p/s a new site is in progress, for bigger and clearer picture! yay.

an ” Up! ” Movie inspired Engagement Shoot

” Up ” is an utterly adorable (not to mention extremely heartwarming) Disney-Pixar’s movie about Carl and Ellie meeting when they were kids, falling in love and getting married. They are really simplicity at its best – picnics at their favorite Park, grape sodas, reading books in their favorite comfy couches and saving their pennies for Paradise Fall. A place where they dream to build a house at and have great adventures, since childhood.

“When I get big, I’m going where he’s going,
South America. It’s like America, but south.”

Well, of course there are more to the movie “ Up ” then these,
but you would have to catch it yourself. =D

Michael and Michelle wanted a Up inspired Engagement shoot partly cause this is their favorite movie but also because they can’t wait to embrace marriage life like Carl and Ellie’s.. Embracing life’s simple pleasures.
And of course, I really couldn’t had pick any other movie (better) to represent them.
Michael is quiet and shy like Carl and Michelle is just like Ellie.. Sweet and chatty. =D

Enjoy the pictures people.. ♥♥

Vintage Outfits for the Gentlemen

(Pss, I would be doing a Vintage Outfits for the Ladies soon-ish)
More then often, I get questions like ‘what should I wear?’
Really, its really up to you.. So long you are comfty and happy, my camera will love you.

But if you must, I had complied a few items (Apart from the usual ties) for the gentlemen that I think will jazz up the look. Now of course Im no fashion guru, so believe me at your own risk!

#1 – Fedora
This is perharps a fav of my husband. No needs to mention how English it looks.
Oh added bonus is, it gives you something to hold and play with. Additional prop. Heh.

#2 – A flap Cap
Now Im not sure is this a proper name for it, but I had always love how preppy it look.

Photo taken from Here

#3 – Suspenders
The guys might not like it much, but hey its really quite cute right? There’s a certain boyish charm about Suspenders. 😀

#4 – Vests / Waistcoats
Our weather might be too hot for a suit (poor guy, having to wear a full suit under the baking sun.. is really to die for).
So a vest is a great substitute instead. Its gentleman-looking, cooling to wear. Why not?

There are some tiny bits that I am lazy to search around for (pictures I mean) and some that I can think off-hands would be..
Bow Ties
a Chain clock
Tweed Jackets

Now go play around with some items and jazz up that outfit!
(I would update when I come across somemore stuffs alright) 😀

Friendship is beautiful..

friendship is a beautiful delicate thing.. Specially when its 22years old..
See if you agree?

(Pictures taken at one of the last remaining sand-playgrounds in Singapore.
Brings back so much childhood memories doesn’t it? =) )