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Can’t help posting one more tiny peek of this wonderful couple.

In the Mood for 2047

Bridal shoot is something very common in the states.. Mostly due to the fact that most US brides buy their own gowns and hence they want a shoot with their gown before it’s.. well squeezed into the back of the closet never to see the daylight again after the wedding. >_<

here’s a very moody Bridal Shoot we did with Serena.. Not our usual happy-in-sunshine series, but nonetheless we LOVE it. ♥
It was shot during the night with no flash or whatsoevers at Clubstreet (thats if you wanna ask) 😛

Thank you lovely Serena!

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Up up and Away!

Have you watched the movie ” Up “ from Disney Pixar? Its one of my very favourite and I swear every single time I watch it, I would have this heartwarming fuzzy feeling coupled with this desire to cuddle my husband VERY tightly and tell him ‘I love you.’

Up is a very touching movie,about the simple things in life. Featuring an extremely sweet couple falling in love, doing simple things together and growing old together. Of course there’s more to the movie.. But that’s for another post.

For now, here’s a Teaser for what’s to come next..

– “Promise? Cross your heart!”

The Toh Family

 Family are like chocolate.. warm and sweet.
Right after this shoot, I can’t help but going Home and giving my Mom a big O’hug. and of course, little Javelle is so sweet !

Totally makes me feel like being a Mom too.
Anyhows, enjoy this heartwarming series. =)

– “Oh the hearts she’s going to slay by merely walking into a room.. She’s a heartbreaker she is..”

I did a Poster..

I did a Poster (for the fun of it)..
But my site cant seem to support it. Gag!

> Click here  to view a Engagement shoot of ShiXian & Jas..
Oooh the fun part is you click +Hold, the picture enlarge. Hee.
(I might had overdone it slightly.. but it’s fun. The poster I mean.)


Prelude – The Toh Family

– ” Love, not in word nor speech, but in truth and action.”

Finding Love in Books.

There’s something about packing your bag and looking forward to School. The shy glances towards each other, the bending down of head and pretending that you’re taking notes when you’re not. The giggles, daydreams, awkward first Hi’s.

Followed by maybe lunch dates and study dates.


Alyssa and Jenson met at NUS Raffles Hall. That particular bench where they said their first Hello-s.

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Elgin & Serena’s – I want to marry You

Finally… HELLO SUN!!
It had been some time since we have seen the bright & sunny day here. And we had Serena & Elgin to thank for that-

Elgin is one guy who really doesn’t like having his photo taken, but I think he enjoyed (I am keeping my finger crossed!) the shoot as much as we did last weekend. *big grin*
Serena looks so dainty and …demure in that sexy QiPao. Totally Rock it!!
Got me wanting one so much…

I got a lucky shoot too! We were having a picnic at the meadow when outta nowhere, this cute beagle bounced over and started playing.
Aww I love doggies. ♥

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