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Jessica & Francis – One lovely morning out!

It was one rainy day on our day of shoot (seriously… Rainy whole of July??)

However Jessica and Francis didn’t let a little rain dampen their mood but were all smiley and relaxed.  They are daring + spontaneous + easy-going. They are ok with some of my silly ideas. Heh. Like how I made them ‘hide’ behind a tree trunk, or twirl and twirl till Jessica’s all dizzy and giddy. Haha.

I love how these set of photos turn out.

Have a blissful marriage Jessica & Francis!!

Jennifer and Lawrence’s nostalgic series

Graduating is one of the biggest Event in One’s life. After all, it marks the start of another chapter, one of adulthood, one of stepping into the working society.
So here’s Jennifer and Lawrence’s shoot in their graduation gowns.

Followed by a very nostalgic series at the soon-to-be-history KTM.

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Vintage Glam in a Theater

A few weeks ago (as some of you who had joined OhDear’s facebook page might know), I did a shoot that’s not our typical outdoor greeny shoots. 

I was all surprised and (to be honest) slightly stresss that Summer and Roy wanted a movie theme pre-wedding shoot. Its part two of their shoot actually. See here for Part1.

 Dramatic, Cinematic and of course vintage glam..

 And they totally pulled off the look!! I *still* can’t stop swooning over this series..
Just a tiny tip, Birdcage veils (also known as French Net Cage Blusher) really do give a very 40s’ vibe.

Add a pearl necklace and some black French glove. LOVE!

What Props to bring for photoshoot ?

Just a few days ago, I stumbled upon this forum thread discussing about what props to bring for photoshoots and I was pleasantly surprised to see Oh Dear’s photo popping up and the brides-to-be were saying how cool they think my shoots are. *BIG LOVE!* 

Too often my couples are asking me for ideas what props to bring on a shoot. 

The props might be secondary because the Love that is shared between a couple and their story is what makes the shoot unique and lovely. But some good o’props would turn a lovely shoot into something AWESOME and personalized. So preparing some to bring along is good, plus it gives you something to ‘play’ with so you won’t feel too awkward when faced with a mad-snapper (aka Me). Lol. 

(This is by no means completed, just some suggestions. Feel free to add to the list by commenting at the end of the post). Here goes! 


Balloons make LOVELY props. They are fun, happy, colorful and of course Float. It’s alright if you can’t get helium ones, blow your own balloons and scatter them around the meadow. Looks whimsical enough too.
Plus they come in lots of shapes and sizes, there are heart shapes, balloons with smiley face, balloons with messages, animal shapes etc. Endless fun.

 ♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥


Not only does a brolly makes beautiful props, they come in really handy as well. Shades you from the sun from the rain. Plus they are easy to find. 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 


Kids LOVE bubbles. Try blowing some around some kids, you become an instant celebrity. Heh. Well that aside, bubbles are fun, cheap and dreamy. Yay! 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 


FOOD!! Bring along cupcakes, cakes, candies, cokes, lollipops, pizzas, apples, peaches, chicken wings, whatever. You get to EAT them after everything, terribly practical. 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 


Unique and personalized. Most importantly, easy to make. Just type in Words, print them out and VOLIA! You can also handwrite them or draw. Easy peasy. Convery messages, dates, anniversaries, names. 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 


Dreamy dreamy. Don’t we just love musics? I do. Bring a lot instruments that you play (ok recorders are allowed). I play the gu-zheng. And I been DREAMING and DREAMING of shooting with a real piano set in the middle of a meadow. Ahhh… 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 

#7 – PETS

Gonna love our furry kiddos. Bring along your mouse, your kitty, your puppy, your chick (Yes, I had a pet chicken before) your snake, your horse. Anything. Just no creepy crawlies thank you. Heh. 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 


Toys are happy and FUN. It can be your first ever doll and if its erm.. not available, bring along the first soft toy that your guy gave you. Cute. 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 


Can be bicycle as well. I dunno, they just channel a very 70s vibe to me. I like. I though they look so sweet. Don’t you? 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 


I saved the best for the last. VINTAGE CARS!! I LOVE vintage old cars. It’s the vibe they give. Every mile traveled, every bend turned, every scratches are all stories untold. Me and husband owe a 22yrs old car ourselves. Very attitude car, but we love it. 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 

And lastly, as a BONUS.. 


As the title, anything! Bring along photo frame / vintage suitcase / hat / shades. Or even your chair / mattress / books / board games.. ANYTHING. So long you’r not afraid the item might get abit dirty, then yeah!! 

♥     ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 

The good O’ 35mm

Ahh, the Goodness of the good O’ 35mm… The wonderful imperfectness of a film is awesome. Remember how we gaze upon our moms and grams and pops O photos. Those are all memories imprint on films and negatives.
What more awesome way to be vintage that go ALL the way back?

Why shoot with digital? Why crystal-clear images?

…There are Goodness in film. Let’s rediscover it!
Do note I didnt edit them, film noise and all. LOVE EM!

(Email me for more details ♥)

Everyones a PONY, we eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.

A new presentation…

All too often I see photographers presenting their works with a thin white line around the photo, framed by a thick thick black border.
Unless I am wrong, this style is very much copied from a certain wellknown Singapore photographer.
Honestly, I was tempted to present my works in this way too (well it certainly make the photos look more posh and chic) but nay nay.. Was fooling around photoshop today and I realised I like this *see below*

Shall be sticking to this for at least awhile.. =]

What do you think?

Life is a Merry-Go-Round.
But so long you hold on dear, you have nothing to fear..

Does size Matters (part2)

A few months ago, I wrote Does size Matters? .

Not surprisingly, it annoyed some big-ass-camera-lovers but there are some people who agree with me as well (judging by how some people are quoting some piece of that article on their websites/blogs)

Recently, I came across THIS ARTICLE , where the photographer, Lee Morris shot a stunning full-Fashion-Shoot using.. his iphone camera. Im not too sure how many mega-pixel an Iphone supports, but from my screen, the photos certainly look gorgeous.
Of course it helped that he had a whole team of talented people supporting him.

But the point is, the shoot was shot on an iphone! What does this prove? (Yes.. apart from iphones bring wonderful must-have phones blah blah blah)
But it also proves that Size doesn’t matter.

I particularly LOVE this quote of Lee Morris’s.
He wrote “When your clients view your work they aren’t thinking, “Wow I don’t see any chromatic aberration in this image!” They are simply thinking, “Wow, I can’t put my finger on it, but this looks great!”

I remember when I was learning how to communicate with Couples and getting them to pose, I practised on my Sister and her Boyfriend. I brought them out to shoot and during that time, I didn’t had any SLRs or semi-SLRs. I was using my 4yrs old trusty 5.2mega pixel baby-blue compact camera.

So we went around the city area, with me getting them to pose and all.

And this photographer with a super HUGE camera walked pass me, with an unhappy-looking (probably tired) couple trailing behind him.
I could NEVAR forget that look and smirk on his face as he glanced over at me and my tiny 5.2mega pixel camera, trying to pose my sister.

I could practically read his mind! “Ha! You shoot with that Junk?”

Well, I went home, processed those photos (of my sister and her boyfriend) and posted it up.
People like it. That simple. =D

Me think end of the day, it’s the process and the outcome that makes the Couple (or clients) happy and not how huge / powerful your camera is. Afterall..

even the most expensive camera in the world is capable of taking bad pictures.
– quoted from here

(nothing, im not using my 5.2mega pixel baby-blue compact anymore, don’t worry. I am just glad established photographers do seem to have the same mindset too) 😀

Ben & MeiJing Engaged~

Ben and Meijing is one awesome couple. They certainly know how to smile and be so natural in front of the camera! I think my camera loves them. ♥

We went around to a few places and I really like how the whole shoot turns out. Like from how a First Date should be (with giggles and shy glances) to the First Dance. All smiles and Happiness. Aww. And I specially LOVE that old broonze Classic Beetle.

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