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Rui & Pam getting hitched!

Adorable couple. Perfect vintage flair. Horses trotting around.

We even saw wild cherry tomatoes (well at least they look like.)
How country!

What’s cuter than this combination?

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A Walk with The Bears

The Bears are one of the cutest and lively-est couple I had came across.
They don’t walk, they skip.
They don’t kiss, they tease.
They don’t hug, they heart each other (naturally!)

…So one lovely morning, I went for a walk with The Bears and boy, it was one natural walk. We saw so many Wild Life! Funniest moment had to be when Miss Bear tried to ‘drive away’ this huge lizard that’s in the middle of the road by… . . wait for it…
By playing Back Street Boys at it! Hahahaa.
(It didn’t work by the way)

But here’s a few of the shoots from A Walk with The Bears! ♥

Roy & Summer 66miles of love /hr

I am seriously in love with old vintage vehicles.
I have here with me one beautiful Vintage Vespa Engagement Shoot.

The white Vespa and the helmet were seriously too cool for words.
Oh and we made a stop at Borders ‘cause that was where they had their first date.

In a bookstore.. how utterly sweet??

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Aylwin ♥ Yuhan ‘s Vintage Engagement 88miles/hr!

Aylwin & Yuhan own a vintage Honda Accord that’s older then me. Ahh I love old cars, there’s just something beautiful and rustic about them.
(I own a 22years old Honda too. Hee)

So, we went to this scary train railway that’s about 7 or 8 storey high. Sure it’s gorgeous and windy up there with the river spread out like a map. But I was scare like hell! My knees were shaking half the time. Haha.

Here’s one vintage engagement shoot that I hope you guys would like!

Initially they weren’t driving this vintage honda, but a newer car.

After shooting at the railway track, Yuhan was suggesting going back to their place to change.. So as we were turning into the carpark, this gorgeous deep red vintage-baby caught my eyes immediately. 

I went “腾原豆腐” (because there’s this decal on the car) and Yuhan replied me “that’s his car!”
I went into stunned silence for a while. My mind was racing at 88miles/hr at how I can incorporate this gorgeous toy into the shoot and I begged them to drive the older car instead.. 

And here’s the end result… (ahh I love old cars)

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Han Bin ♥ Pamela

It was a cooling morning when I was shooting Hanbin and Pamela (In fact it was drizzling!) but hey, the photos turn out so serene and peaceful! It has to be one of my favorite.

I love how they DIY their own props, like the pinwheels, the signboards.. Love!

Robin ♥ Chrystal

A pair of loving teachers (i seem to be shooting a lot of teachers recently huh. haha).
Chrystal wanted a urban-ised look for the shoot, so where else better to shoot then at the heart of Orchard itself?
We went there around 8am and boy.. the streets were practically empty.

We proceeded on to the lovely Bontanic for some greens after that.
In all, I love the result!

Let’s cool down!

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