Just some thoughts

My Couples and friends are constantly asking me “Arent you tired? Shooting weekends after weekends” and my answer is always No. Its true.
When you are doing something you truly enjoy (think: on a holiday) you’r seldom tired are you? But when you are doing something you hate (think: studying for exams or working) you feel sluggishly tired most of the time.

Now, I feel I’m on a holiday mostly.
Maybe physically I might be a bit tired, but mentally I am always awake and happy.

I love Oh,Dear! not only cause its mine but cause of what I am doing.
I am shooting and then handcrafting each images and whats best is that, end of the day,
my couples like my work. Some write in (my husband calls them fan-mail, haha), some sms me and it always brighten up my day just reading these compliments. =D

Most of my images are more to the vintage style and that’s because I feel a Wedding/ Engagement shoot is supposed to be Timeless and Classic.

vin•tage (vĭn’tĭj)
– Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.

I grew up flipping through my Parent’s wedding album and laughing at the Uncle’s tight bell-bottom and Auntie’s PoofyHairDo.
But I love that album, well mainly cause its my Mum & Dad but also because its so full of happiness and its Classic. Most importantly, real. Not posed.

And that’s how I want each and every one of my images to be.
To be timeless and happy. To bring joy and laughters each time the album is flipped open…

And because every post is better with a picture, here’s one from last weekend.

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