Freebie! Wallpaper for Download!

Hallo everyone,

to thanks everyone’s support for Oh, Dear!, we have here for everybody 4 of our images available for wallpaper. Free download!
Thanks to everyone’s word of encouragements and Likes, Melody finds greater strength in shooting more lovely images. And of course, thanks to all the lovely couples.

If you like these pictures, feel free to use them as your wallpaper.
Take this as a way of us saying “have a happy weekend!”

Just click on the small thumbnail and a bigger image will pop up. Right click and Set as Background. Volia! Lovely new wallpaper! ♥ ♥

Kissing in the Morning sun

1024 x 768

Grandma’s old Cafe

1024 x 768

Let’s sneak a Kiss
1024 x 768

Sunset love
1024 x 768

 ♥ ♥ XoXo♥ ♥

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