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Joseph ♥ Angie ‘s Uber sweet Proposal

And here it is one of my sweetest and most memorable series.
Where there were flashing trains, wild (almost) horses, beautiful sky and most importantly, a genuinely heart-warming moment..
The Proposal.
As usual, More on my Facebook..

I lurv beautiful sky.. Don’t you?

The Proposal… The blissful moment.

Smiles from the heart.

Gordon & Evelyn Engaged!

I had a lovely time last weekend because I was shooting my Girlfriend known I had known since I was in Pri.6. It was a cooling day with not much Sun but still the result was pretty good (if I say so myself) *grin*

We went around to indoor places mostly.
Eve’s a primary school teacher and I admire her greatly for it. I would had fainted if I were to face a class of 40 naughty yelling kiddos!
So here are some of my favourites… More at Facebook.

Alvin ♥ Ashley’s Serene Love

I love these Prewedding Shoots of Alvin & Ashley. They are such a quiet, shy and loving couple. I love how tranquil and how heart-warming this series is. I love how affectionate and tender Alvin is towards Ashley…
and most importantly, how happy and in love they are.

The sun was buttery-gold last Saturday, making the perfect lights for this beautiful series.

Hereby, wishing you guys a wonderful beginning, and love to last a lifetime. ♥
Gown: The Wedding Present 

Just some thoughts

My Couples and friends are constantly asking me “Arent you tired? Shooting weekends after weekends” and my answer is always No. Its true.
When you are doing something you truly enjoy (think: on a holiday) you’r seldom tired are you? But when you are doing something you hate (think: studying for exams or working) you feel sluggishly tired most of the time.

Now, I feel I’m on a holiday mostly.
Maybe physically I might be a bit tired, but mentally I am always awake and happy.

I love Oh,Dear! not only cause its mine but cause of what I am doing.
I am shooting and then handcrafting each images and whats best is that, end of the day,
my couples like my work. Some write in (my husband calls them fan-mail, haha), some sms me and it always brighten up my day just reading these compliments. =D

Most of my images are more to the vintage style and that’s because I feel a Wedding/ Engagement shoot is supposed to be Timeless and Classic.

vin•tage (vĭn’tĭj)
– Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.

I grew up flipping through my Parent’s wedding album and laughing at the Uncle’s tight bell-bottom and Auntie’s PoofyHairDo.
But I love that album, well mainly cause its my Mum & Dad but also because its so full of happiness and its Classic. Most importantly, real. Not posed.

And that’s how I want each and every one of my images to be.
To be timeless and happy. To bring joy and laughters each time the album is flipped open…

And because every post is better with a picture, here’s one from last weekend.

ZhiMing ♥ XueYun

It’s their anniversary today so I though it’s only right to share their album today.
XueYun is one of the most unique girl I had ever met, cause instead of liking Pink like most girls, she has a deep deep love for BLUE!
She told me most of her clothes and belongings are blue. She brought along 10blue balloons, a dozen of blue plushies,… a blue mat, blue brolly.. yeah you got the drift.

Enjoy this blue series !

BingDa ♥ Winnie

This delightful series was taken last weekend, we went around to the meadow, to ClarkQuay and to Nanyang Poly where Bingda and Winnie first knew each other.

Balloons, flowers and Bubbles made this a colourful and fun shoot.

Oh one tiny funfact, Bingda is a Fireman and he told me that every Saturday, every firestation is Open to Public (9am – 11am). Who wants to shoot there?
I believe it would be hot!

Bubbles are ♥ ! Specially colourful one shiny ones!

Winston ♥ Michell

Winston & Michell are ridiculously cute together, one of the most laid-back couples I had ever encountered.
Michell and me had much to talk about as we are both in the creative industry. =D
Some of you might find Winston familar, thats because he’s a s-league player!

We went to the magical Meadow, Wassex Estate and Queenstown.

Wassex Estate produces beautiful nostalgic photos. Gorgeous. I love the set of photos at the railway track.

I wish Winston & Michell a very very blissful marriage! Have a blast on 12june10!!

Magical Twilight forest…

Freebie! Wallpaper for Download!

Hallo everyone,

to thanks everyone’s support for Oh, Dear!, we have here for everybody 4 of our images available for wallpaper. Free download!
Thanks to everyone’s word of encouragements and Likes, Melody finds greater strength in shooting more lovely images. And of course, thanks to all the lovely couples.

If you like these pictures, feel free to use them as your wallpaper.
Take this as a way of us saying “have a happy weekend!”

Just click on the small thumbnail and a bigger image will pop up. Right click and Set as Background. Volia! Lovely new wallpaper! ♥ ♥

Kissing in the Morning sun

1024 x 768

Grandma’s old Cafe

1024 x 768

Let’s sneak a Kiss
1024 x 768

Sunset love
1024 x 768

 ♥ ♥ XoXo♥ ♥

One Lovely Morning

Here’s one picture from this morning. Guess it pretty much speaks for itself.. ♥ ♥

I gonna turn in early now, cause tomorrow I am going to the flea market to *hopefully* buy some vintage props!