WeiJie & AnQi

I shot WeiJie and AnQi last Saturday. They are getting married this July and aren’t they the sweetest? They had been together since secondary3, till now.
Awww.. super sweet.

So we went back to their secondary school to shoot, followed by the Changi AirPort.
(pss, I love how cute and happy they look together. Totally Taiwan-idol-drama material!) =D

So much fond memories! This is where we, Singapore Kids, sing the National Anthem
every morning for some 10years (at least) of our life!

Beautiful courtyard they have. With little brown pavillions.
All I had at my secondary school was 1 lousy smelly eco-garden. Gah.

Ahh, fond memories again. The basketball-court where we (the lazy kids)
spent our favourite lesson. PE!

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