Month(s) After

In the states, they sometimes do the Day-After. Which is when the bride and groom would wear their gowns and suits to take some photos. (for during the Actual Wedding, they might not have time for shoots)

Js and me had a Month(s)After shoot yesterday. Well, it was more of a impromptu shoot. We grabbed the rattan chair & table from my Mum, the guitar from his Dad and.. tata!

8am in the morning, acting goofy.
I hope you guys like this (selfshoot) series! ♥

I really love the lights in this shoot. =D

And here we are, acting goofy. Me trying my best in jumping and acting chic..

while JS acts goofy. Fighting himself while trying to fly. ❤

Have a wonderful weekends guys! Mine would be filled with shoots, that I would share next week! ♥


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