Does size Matters?

Just the other day, on my way to a shoot and was waiting for lift at the lobby.
San-Gu *friction name of course* came by..

San-Gu: Ah Mui, Wah you’r a photographer right? Show me your camera! (god knows how she knows what I am doing)
Me took out my camera and showed her

San-Gu *wrinkle up her nose* : Not very professional leh. My ah boy hor, have a camera THIS BIG. You sure you can take picture anot?
Me *gave her a smile* : Yes of course I do.


Well, this incident starts me thinking. Do people judge photographers by their cameras and not their working attiude and what they can achieve? Apparently, for some (like San-Gu here) yeah. To them, huge heavy cameras = professionals. smaller camera (even if its a SLR) = non-professionals.

This is really a mindset the public gonna reset.

Take a stroll down Orchard and you will see so so so many DSLRs slung around the neck of the youngsters. Does that makes them professional-photographers? Hardly. At least not all of them.

My point is, anyone with money to burn, Can buy a DSLR. But not everyone takes good pictures or have the attitude to.

Similarly, a Banker can buy a MacPro and install Photoshop. But does that makes him a Designer? Not really.
A property-agent can buy a $5000 guitar, but does that makes him a professional guitarist? Not necessary.
(well, unless they have such training of course)

So,  anyone with the cash can buy such gadgets, but do they necessarily have the skill/dedications?
(Of course I am not indicating that I have, its just a thought I have after my encounter with San-Gu)

Also, does a bigger camera means better photos? Picture quality, yes maybe. But how about the mood / direction/ colour etc etc etc of a photo? All these nitty gritty factors make or break a good picture.

Now, that’s a huge camera. Probably have troubles with mobility.. =P

Having said these much, I guess in summary all I have to say is, decide if you would engage a Photographer based on his work and style rather then how huge his camera is. (now, you won’t be wanting to engage those guys in that picture would you? *grin)

So, have a great Good Friday everyone. And thanks for reading my loong rant.


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