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Gordon & ZhiWei @ Goodwood Park

This series was shot at beautiful Goodwood Park. Did you know it was built in 1900, originally for the expatriate German community in Singapore?
That’s a 110 years ago!
Anyway, Gordon & WeiZhi are going to have their Wedding there, so last weekend, we went over for a shoot. The place is lovely!
Here are some of my favorites. ♥

This series is very much inspired by Vintage-Paris Postcards. Hope you guys like it!

Have a blissful marriage ahead!

ZiYi ZiLing – Sisters Shoot

I did a Sisters Shoot with ZiYi and ZiLing last weekend and it was fun! Not too hot, ’cause it was 8am in the cool morning. Gorgeous Sun + lively pair of sister + darling-est doggie + Bubbles =  a wonderful morning! ♥

We proceeded on to Cityhall area for some of those beautiful vintage architectures. Enjoy!

Thank you ZiYi and ZiLing for the wonderful morning! ♥ ♥

Month(s) After

In the states, they sometimes do the Day-After. Which is when the bride and groom would wear their gowns and suits to take some photos. (for during the Actual Wedding, they might not have time for shoots)

Js and me had a Month(s)After shoot yesterday. Well, it was more of a impromptu shoot. We grabbed the rattan chair & table from my Mum, the guitar from his Dad and.. tata!

8am in the morning, acting goofy.
I hope you guys like this (selfshoot) series! ♥

I really love the lights in this shoot. =D

And here we are, acting goofy. Me trying my best in jumping and acting chic..

while JS acts goofy. Fighting himself while trying to fly. ❤

Have a wonderful weekends guys! Mine would be filled with shoots, that I would share next week! ♥


WeiJie & AnQi

I shot WeiJie and AnQi last Saturday. They are getting married this July and aren’t they the sweetest? They had been together since secondary3, till now.
Awww.. super sweet.

So we went back to their secondary school to shoot, followed by the Changi AirPort.
(pss, I love how cute and happy they look together. Totally Taiwan-idol-drama material!) =D

So much fond memories! This is where we, Singapore Kids, sing the National Anthem
every morning for some 10years (at least) of our life!

Beautiful courtyard they have. With little brown pavillions.
All I had at my secondary school was 1 lousy smelly eco-garden. Gah.

Ahh, fond memories again. The basketball-court where we (the lazy kids)
spent our favourite lesson. PE!

Jean & Gwen

This series was shoot last Sunday and because it was such a HOT morning, we mostly ‘hide’ indoor. We went to Suntec SkyGarden and TheCookieMuseum.
Its at Esplanade, Gorgeous place. You guys should seriously drop by and take a look.

Alright, here are the pictures. Hope you like them! ❤

Have a great week ahead everyone!

3 Sneak Peeks from last weekend

Hallo everyone,
Here are two Sneak Peeks from last weekend. One from Saturday and another two from Sunday.
Hope you like them!

Alex & Audrey

I seem to be starting every post with a “its such a hot day”.. but its true! How I wish it would snow in Singapore.

Last Saturday I shot Audrey and Alex, who are getting married in Dec2010. =D
We went to ClubStreet, Magical Meadow and Changi Boardway (which was under renovations) =(
Anyway, Here are some of my favourite pictures. ♥


Congrat guys! Wishing you a blissful marriage ahead! ♥♥

Poon & Bella

Oh, Dear! had the pleasure to shoot Poon and Bella last weekend, and boy, it was such a fun day.
The day was hot, but the sun was gooodd!

We went to Queenstown cause thats where they spent most of their courtship. Ah sweetness.

And we went to the Magical Meadow too. Completed with Bubbles and Flying Pig. 😉

And here it is! The Amazing Pink Flying Pig.

And .. they flew me to Bali to shoot.**

**Nah, just kidding. It was VillaBali, but close… ;P

Come back tomorrow for another lovely lovely Engagement Session!

Yet, another Sneak Peek!

Here’s a Sneak Peek of today. Pieww, the sun was so hot! But heyhey,
it was a FUN day, so no complains here!
Come back for a lovely lovely shoot, all smiles and dances~


And here’s one more…

We at Oh, Dear! love all kind of pets, bring along your Bunny/Birdie/Kitty!
(Just no bugs please. I might squash them. *grin)


Here’s a Sneak Peek of today’s

and here’s another…


A personal (huge) Milestone

One week ago, I would be dancing around, throwing Confettis in the air and baking yellow cupcakes if I have got 100 hits on this website.

And yesterday alone, we hit 3793.  A huge milestone for me.

I can barely get my head around this figure. I should so go buy 4D or something. Heh.
Special thansk to all you lovely ladies out there who like my work. ❤

I would be shooting 2 couples this weekend, so check back for more.

Meanwhile, more support at Oh, Dear! Facebook page!


Benjamin ♥ Peggy

I had the pleasure to shoot Benjamin & Peggy last weekend.
Oh boy, they were so funny, cute and loving!
We went to my ‘usual-shooting-spot’.. the Magical Meadow. I called it Magical cause the light there’s always good! Be it morning or Evening.

We went for a ‘tour’ around Queenstown too.

Alright, enough talks, here are some of my favourite pictures.
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Hope everyone love this series as much as I do!!


Oh, Dear! on Facebook

Hi all!

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I will be updating Oh, Dear! Fanpage (and here, of course), only different is, facebook allows bigger photos resolution for better viewing pleasures! =)

So do check out Oh, Dear! ‘s Fan Page!
(I am busy editing the lovely shoots I took over the weekend, will share them the moment they are ‘outta the oven’ !)


A sneak peek of Sunday’s shoot

Thanks Peggy for this picture!Here’s a sneak peek of today’s (morning) shoot! I had great fun…!

Check back soonish!

A preview to a Delightful shoot!

Here’s a preview to a oh-so-delightful shoot I had this morning.
The sun was so awesomely golden this morning. You know the rule..

Golden sun = Beautiful Pictures!

Check back for more soon-ish.. very soon!