Styling a Photo

Today, I will be sharing a bit on how I normally style (meaning photoshop, but thats such a boring term) my photos. Sure, the venue is important, but so is styling the photo. It sets the mood, brings out the best of the model and even correct some mistakes (such as blemishes, fly away hair etc)

So here’s a shoot that was taken last week. Totally raw from camera.

So usually I would adjust my Levels, I like my images bright and cheery and just a tiny bit overexposed. After all, most vintage photos are quite fade arent they?

There you go~ After the image has been properly Leveled to my liking. Oh I added a tint of yellow as well.

Next up, I crop the picture tighter. What? I heard you asking why didnt I take a closer shoot then? Usually I prefer to shoot as much as scene possible and in my ‘darkroom’ (and thats photoshop), I can choose to give it a tighter crop or leave it as it is.
And in this case, our emphasis would be our lovely model’s look of happiness. Not so much of her red gown (which can be done away with). Make sense?

After a tigher crop, adjustment of levels. We are only half-way done.

Now, they say Eyes are the Window of Soul. Sounds clinque huh? But its true. So in this picture, we need to highlight the eyes, brighten it up, bring out the catchlight blah blah blah. Oh! Most importantly, remove some of those eyebags.

I touched up on some minor blemishes, lighten the eyebags. Nope I didnt completely remove them, ’cause by doing so, she wont look like herself anymore. Anyway, who have No Eyebags?

So now that we had properly done all the necessary touch-ups, its the fun part now!
Styling the image. Now we want a vintage-inspired look, so we have to be generous on the yellowish tint. (I am not doing a tutorial here, just showing how I normally work. So pardon for the lack of step by step instructions okay~)

Ooh, we are getting close. I added some reddness as well. Warm-Glow!

So depending on how you wanna ‘design’ this shoot, you can add lens flare to it, add some old-parchment texture to it, you can leave it as it is. The possiblity is endless. For this, I would add some rainbow-flare to it. (I dunno whats the proper name, but I discovered this way of adding a flare not so long ago. And I like the effect alot)

There you go. Some slight rainbow-flare effects.. Oh I also burned the edges abit. Vintage-photos normally have white-ish borders if you look closely enough..

And here is a Side by Side comparison.

I hope you like what you are seeing..?

There are thousands, endless actually, ways to go about styling a picture and this is one of the many many ways that I like it to be. Not saying its the pefect look, nor is this the only look you will be getting.. =)

If there’s anything just drop me a text. Hope you enjoyed this post! I would be away at KL this coming weekend, so no shooting. =( But I will take lots of KL photos to share!
Meanwhile, have fun!


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