A little About Meself…


Melody and HusbandHusband and Me in one of our self-directed ShootI am currently based in sunny Singapore.


I am 26 this year and had happily married since Dec09. And during the long long preparation of my own wedding, I fell in love with Engagement shoots. (along with tons of other unpleasant experience, but that shall be a story for another day)

 I had at least 7 different shoots (and tons of fun). Crazy huh?

 I am working as a full-time Designer and my studio is somewhat in the central of Singapore.

I believe that every couple is very unique and special.
Each has their own different love story.

I work towards telling that story of theirs, of recording their happiness and smiles and kisses. Singapore offers a lot good spots for Engagement Shoots. Oh yes.. There are. *smile*

That’s why I started Oh, Dear! Photography. To provide affordable*, yet classic vintage style photos. No stiff awkward point-at-sky poses, but true real emotions captured.
*Real affordable, and not like how some photographers are charging $2000 for a shoot. That is crazily break-an-arm-and-leg price for me*

But this site will not only be showcasing the photos I took, I will be sharing some experiences I had during my own wedding preparations too. I am working on some DIY tutorials too.

A wedding is so expensive in Singapore. But there are lots of ways you can cut some corners and save up for that much needed holiday (Yay! Honeymoon!).

So check back more often!


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